Kevin Smith x Buckaroo Banzai


This could be great.


Whoa! Kevin Smith directed the 21st episode of season 2 The Flash? I’m going to watch that. I know Kevin Smith has some great comic book directing in him.


What’s the deal with new TV series based on movies from 30 years ago? Apparently there will also be a new series based on the wonderful Time after Time. What’s next, Princess Bride: The Adventure Continues?


thing is… those both sound fine to me. Because Netflix.


So we’re past making TV adaptations of movies and into making TV adaptations of Cyndi Lauper songs? I personally don’t see how there’s enough content there to work with, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


A new series based on the continuing adventures of Buckaroo Banzai? A bit late, but well, okay, sure!

A several-season-long remake of the movie itself? Now you’re starting to lose me.

But honestly, Kevin Smith needs to win me back after some of his most recent stuff. Bratzis??


Eh, at least there are no walrii.


Why do my eyes hurt suddenly? Are these tears? Oh! Oh no! It’s blood! From my eyes! This terrible spectacle!


I think Kevin Smith has a higher than average chance of understanding what made the original great. I actually like the idea of making the first season a retelling of the (first) movie, but only if it actually leads to a second season which covers the events of Buckaroo Banzai against the World Crime League.

Any casting rumors/hopes/fears?


Was honestly expecting to see these gals in a line of grey wool suits. Was disappoint.


Jeff Goldblum would make a great New Jersey :wink:


Well, they did base a movie on Girls Just Want to Have Fun, but I don’t think it made it to a TV series.

Now that we have Lauper and Goldblum in the same thread, we could also imagine a spinoff of Vibes. As it is about pyramids and ancient civilizations, it would probably be popular among BB readers…

Seriously, though, while I can imagine stretching Time after Time into a TV series, I can’t imagine it working well. Better would be Time Bandits: The Series. It could be like a modern Time Tunnel.


Sorry, not without David Rappaport. :cry: Although Peter Dinklage would make a hell of a Wally.

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