Kickstarting a fun time-travel RPG


Looks like it might influenced by the works of Kage Baker.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Kevin back in the day, and I’m thrilled to see this project take off. You go!

Also: you had me at Time Travel.

“Kickstarting a fun time-travel RPG”

Like Chrono Trigger?

@dignan17, think Chrono Trigger but in a tabletop game (such as Dungeons & Dragons.) This is really influenced by Poul Anderson’s “Time Patrol” novels, as filtered through a ton of alternate history and a whole lot of pulp sci-fi. I’m completely delighted by the response so far; it was amazingly fun to write, and folks seem to be enjoying it.

@chromecow, great to see you!

  • Kevin (the author)

No worries, I was just giving Boing Boing a hard time and I was surprised that they didn’t mention the (probably) most famous of time travel-themed video games.

I’ll be happy to check out your game when it comes out.

Those interested in time travel RPGs may want to check out this completed Kickstarter project - “Agents of Change”.

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