Kickstarting a jewelry-making kit for girls that teaches coding


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I think I like this, because I was ever a fan of educational stuff that does more than one thing. Just a coding lesson is work. Just a jewelry-making kit is boring. Put them together and somehow it’s way more interesting.


Isn’t this, like, a major plot point in The Diamond Age?


I love the aesthetic of this, but as a woman who grew up with a younger brother close to me in age, I’m always leery of “for girls” or “for boys” stuff. Just call the magical interactive pendant a “token” or a “talisman” and let all the kids play with it.



Whenever the “for girls” thing comes up I always think of this comic:


Why does it have to “be for girls”? why not just a jewelry making kit that teaches programming?


It is a very special kit that is assembled using one’s genitals – boys just don’t have the right tools.

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