Kickstarting a parklet in SOMA's DNA lounge


Hold up - it looks like they’re turning 6 motorcycle parking spots into their cute little park-thing?

That was the best thing about riding to that club - knowing your bike was safely right outside the door & not down the block being savaged by crackheads.


From the FAQ:

The parklet is replacing a car space, and the motorcycle parking is turning into bicycle parking, roughly.

We (DNA) actually petitioned to get those 6 metered motorcycle spaces installed, way back when. But then in the intervening decade, the Cycle Gear motorcycle shop moved in right across the street from us, and they installed eighteen free motorcycle spaces on Harrison at 11th. They’re literally 50 feet away.

Once the parklet is installed, if it turns out that the difference between 18 and 24 motorcycle spots on the same block is actually significant, we’ll start the process of turning another car space into metered motorcycle parking. We’ll see! Many members of our staff ride motorcycles, so we’ll know right away.

It’s also worth pointing out that the moto spots being replaced were metered spots, and the remaining 18 spots at the corner are free, unmetered spots.
As a motorcyclists and the designer of the parklet in question, I’m always excited to see parklets going in, because it usually means there will be a couple new spots that I can slip my bike into. This is often between the wheel stops and the parklet, helping to keep my bike from being knocked over.
Therefore I see this parklet as win-win for everyone, but as the DNA Lounge/Barry posted on the Kickstarter, there are TONS of motorcyclists involved on this project and they are going to be keeping eyes on the moto parking situation.

I saw that, but across the street is not right outside the door, as it has been for ages.

Also, the smug ‘fuck cars’ exclamation sounds pretty silly when they’re actually screwing over motorcyclists.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how many spooky-kids pedal to Death Guild these days, anyway, so what do I care…those bicycle spots will be empty anyway…

My neighborhood in Chicago installed a Parket last summer. They are able to put the structure into storage during the winter and reopen the parking spot.

Needs more green.

Agree. Need an infinite amount of more green. Wait, infinity times zero is… zero? Drats!

Seriously though, it looks like nothing more than the sidewalk seating for the venue is being moved out to the street. Maybe not bad for peds.

How about: Raise the kickstarter ask to $12k, use the extra to plant a tree (treelet?).

Doesn’t look like a park. Looks like an outdoor space for the bar. It seems like it could bring life to the street, which is good, but seems a tiny bit misleading. A better design would help. Hire a better designer. Maybe a landscape architect.

Every time I see this headline I think someone is kickstarting a parakeet in a club and I wonder how you’d even do that.

Well, after a decade of being told by the staff to park my bicycle across the street with the crackheads instead of out front, this spooky kid who rides his bicycle to dg will be really appreciating the bicycle parking out front.

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