Kickstarting "Bears vs Babies," a new game from the Exploding Kittens team

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I plan to get this. I already got Exploding Kittens and it is great.

Serious question - why did they go through Kickstarter? I mean this is a slam dunk, and all they needed as $10K? It seems to me just make it and sell it and then you don’t need to give kickstarter a cut. Even if you just did a preorder thing.


ETA: If they’d have just opened pre-orders, it wouldn’t get half as much coverage. Kickstarter works best on word of mouth through blogs like this one. Someone like me who doesn’t follow boardgame news wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise. It’s a pretty smart move for generating early buzz.

Not that I’d buy it for all sorts of reasons. :slight_smile:

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It seems to me that any place, like BB or or any site that would say, “Hey, the guys that made Exploding Kittens has a new game on Kickstarter.” would just as likely post saying, “Hey, the guys that made Exploding Kittens has a new game you can pre-order.”

Does Kickstarter somehow disseminate info out by itself, prompting sites to pick it up?

Does that matter when people are likely to do it for you?

Then I guess that leads me back to the question above, whether it is on Kickstarter or a pre order on “”, wouldn’t everyone just link to which ever site because it is awesome? Like if they didn’t use kickstarter, why would their preorder page get less shares and articles about it?

My only theory is that the system Kickster has for getting payment information, shipping information, and managing customer questions works well enough that they would rather just is it vs the cost and expense of doing it all themselves. Hmm that is probably a factor.

Probably because Kickstarter is designed to tie-in with social media better.

Spose I make a neat widget. I stick that on my website, saying “Neat widget -pre order.” Some People pre-order, trade press picks it up, s’all good.

Or I stick a note on my website saying “Neat widget on K-S, go fund it!” I get a known number of pre-orders up front, orderers spam their facebook & twit feeds, trade-press still picks the story up. More views, more buzz, less hassle for a known cut of the take. Cost-benefit, innit.

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Ugh. Kittens is just such an awful game.

I disagree, especially with kids. It gets pretty fun, and the shorter game play leads to more games being played.

I didn’t want this to be one of those games where you’re trying to “out-comedy” one another

I don’t really see how else this could work.

While I quite like Snake Oil, this seems an awful lot like Superfight, which I didn’t much care for at all.

I think I’ve reached webcomic turns to kickstarter to make card game fatigue. With the previous success of exploding kittens does he really need to use kickstarter? Also is this game original (beyond the theming and artwork)? exploding kittens reminded me a lot of fluxx (although different enough).

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This might sound dumb, but I stopped liking anything Matt Inman when I realized he was in really good shape. It’s like he’s found a way to commodify overweight bodies to fool people into empathizing with him.

Also I remember when he made a poster about ear bones and he had the latin names instead of hammer, anvil and stirrup, but they were clearly the latin equivalents and it just felt obtuse and against more good natured educational posters.

I have nothing positive to say here. Please move on.


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