Kickstarting Facets, a cool granddad's magnetic, geometric wooden building blocks


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I’d be more impressed if someone came up with non-geometric wooden building blocks.


Reminds me of tegu, which I can personally vouch for. Mostly rectangles and such, but lacks the kickstarter risk. My 4 year old has a big collection of them (thanks grampa) and just this morning made a “chicken.”

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There ya go, fixed that for ya. :wink:

I was thinking the same thing. I imagine the two would work together because magnets are magic.

Reminds me of Ball of Whacks.

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Ask and you shall receive.


I’d settle for non-Euclidean wooden building blocks, provided they were sufficiently freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.

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But those are not blocks!

But they are building blocks!
At least in the component-of-an-assembly sense.

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A block is geometric; so how can one have non-geometric blocks?

Hence why I would be so impressed!!!

I did once make a “Mr. Picasso Head” out of miscellaneous cabinetry discards, with holes and matching dowels. Perhaps something similar?

Or are you thinking of a 3D Tetris set?

How about boxes for a moving van? Unless supplied by the moving company, no two are alike, and then there are bicycles, unboxed lampshades, pianos, etc. Etc. Etc.

Yo, they’re fractal blocks.

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