Kickstarting Facets, a cool granddad's magnetic, geometric wooden building blocks




I’d be more impressed if someone came up with non-geometric wooden building blocks.


Reminds me of tegu, which I can personally vouch for. Mostly rectangles and such, but lacks the kickstarter risk. My 4 year old has a big collection of them (thanks grampa) and just this morning made a “chicken.”


There ya go, fixed that for ya. :wink:


I was thinking the same thing. I imagine the two would work together because magnets are magic.


Reminds me of Ball of Whacks.


Ask and you shall receive.


I’d settle for non-Euclidean wooden building blocks, provided they were sufficiently freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.


But those are not blocks!


But they are building blocks!
At least in the component-of-an-assembly sense.


A block is geometric; so how can one have non-geometric blocks?


Hence why I would be so impressed!!!


I did once make a “Mr. Picasso Head” out of miscellaneous cabinetry discards, with holes and matching dowels. Perhaps something similar?

Or are you thinking of a 3D Tetris set?

How about boxes for a moving van? Unless supplied by the moving company, no two are alike, and then there are bicycles, unboxed lampshades, pianos, etc. Etc. Etc.


Yo, they’re fractal blocks.


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