Kickstarting "Knights and Bikes," gorgeous, brilliant game, part Goonies, part Earthbound

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Have we not yet reached the stage when there have been enough prominent video game Kickstarter flameouts as to discourage people from funding them ever again? I thought that time was fast approaching.

Also, the enormous difficulty in replicating Earthbound seems to be reflected by the fact that after all this time, pretty much no one has succeeded in doing so.

Yeah, I don’t feel like I have enough info to evaluate this one. Both the people involved are exceedingly accomplished, but it’s crazy rare to find game makers who can also effectively manage time & deadlines. They’re unicorns. Most of us need a management layer to keep things on track.

On the plus side, the scope actually doesn’t seem too crazy. No online multiplayer, no stretch goals

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A few high-profile flameouts shouldn’t turn people off the entire platform unless they’re the kind of dinkuses who are prone to judge hundreds of thousands of individuals based on what a few high-profile idiots do.

I don’t think the attempt is to replicate Earthbound, just to use it as inspirational material. Undertale has had PLENTY of success in that vein already. It’s a neglected genre, at least for the next year or so.

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I love the art style, just love it. This is exactly the sort of game I will be playing with my girlfriend when it comes out.

Though ROM’d secret of mana 2 back in the day did put a strain on my high school relationship…

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