Kickstarting Matchstick, a Firefox-powered Chromecast killer


Surely you noticed that the $12 reward level was already sold out well before you posted this? I looked at this kickstarter yesterday afternoon and the 500 $12 rewards were already gone then.


Actually I don’t “like” this, but there’s no ‘I noticed this very annoying thing as well’ button.


I’m amazed at the $10,000 option, which gets you a flight to CES, $200 a day to spend there and then (4) $12 items.

They put you up at the Venetian as well. Double occupancy.

If you can afford to give these guys ten grand for a weekend in Vegas you’re probably better off just spending one evening buying them drinks at the bar, that can’t cost more than a thousand…


Anyone with any sense is always on the lookout for those with more money than it.

In all seriousness, I guess I haven’t followed FirefoxOS much, but I don’t understand the use case for this. What kind of cool things are people imagining doing with an HMDI TV besides watching TV?

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Did Chromecast need a “Chromecast Killer”?


FirefoxOS is an operating system that builds apps on JS and HTML (which is actually what Samsung TVs do too…). So, people can run apps on it, either for media or to do other things, and have it all displayed on your HDTV.

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Probably not, because Chromecast is already dead. I’d argue it was never actually alive… it was released, got some buzz, and disappeared from the public awareness.

That said, the tech behind the Chromecast is pretty awesome. I don’t regret that $35 expense at all.

I use mine to stream pretty much anything ever. We cut cable five years ago and I was watching everything on a monitor until Chromecast. Now I can send anything over to the TV, including stuff off either my phone or devices that anyone else brings in.

We use one at work which allows anyone there to put things up on the 80" monitor from their phone while sitting in the conference room. It’s more useful than I thought it would be.


The device is legit. (Disclaimer / Source: I work at Mozilla as a webdev, but I don’t work for / on Matchstick.)

I’ve had a dev unit since a demo at HQ in June. It’s handy like a Chromecast - and in fact works with most Chromecast apps - but doesn’t need rooting with a Teensy to do more interesting things. It runs Firefox OS with some mods to beef up the media support and emulate the Chromecast-associated protocols. They offer a firmware kit for download, and with some work you can tweak it yourself. The hardware is basically just an off-the-shelf Android HDMI stick, as far as I’m aware.

Sorry I don’t post around here much (or at all), so I might read like a shill. For whatever it’s worth, no one’s paying me to tout this thing. I just think it’s keen.


Is there a reason to believe that this might get more broad support than chromecast from content streamers? The main problem with chromecast is that it will be eternally boycotted by apple and amazon.

I will say one thing that’s a little annoying in the press is that most articles are attributing this thing directly to Mozilla. But, you know, you don’t necessarily credit (or blame) Google when LG launches a new phone. (Unless, I guess, it’s a Nexus)

Boing Boing got it right with “this is not from the Mozilla Foundation”, so yay!

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But yet, Amazon works like a charm when streaming because they don’t care I’m using the Chrome browser to send it to the Chromecast.

They can’t boycott a browser that just reads HTTP.

Yea, but to do the mirroring you have to have the device the browser is on forwarding all the data don’t you? The neat trick with the native chromecast apps is that the streaming goes directly to the chromecast so your phone or computer or tablet can do something else, or just idle.

I was wondering if it might be able to do that in a way that the providers could not block it without blocking all browser play (which they probably would not do).


Thank goodness they don’t actually use that terminology in their campaign. You just had to stick that nugget of annoyance in there, didn’t you?

Well, for video content, I agree that monitors suck (we watch Netflix at home, but I won’t watch it unless the TV+Xbox is available).

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thanks for being so late on this … all the $12 sticks are gone =(
but I think I will find a way to get one of these.

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