Kickstarting STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion

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Isn’t Kickstarter rabidly anti-union?


Looking at the descriptions of gameplay, it seems to play very much like Pandemic


My …um… associate… didn’t like any of the DnD style games. She loved Block by Block! I think she’ll like this one too. I’m been making noises about Pandemic for two years now. It hasn’t taken. So what if this has similar gameplay? It’s the scenario that provides the thrill. It can’t ALWAYS be Scrabble…!


They designed it to be a game about, by, and for the labor movement.

That’s awesome. But…part of me would probably rather play the more…“fair and balanced” version, where you need some goons to bust the heads of the scabs crossing the picket line, and have to fight (and/or welcome?) the encroaching mob influence on your union, and maybe have to bury a few Jimmy Hoffas to keep the prying eyes of the press away.

So a “non-worker placement game”?

Did you check the project description? They address this specifically:

The Kickstarter union has asked creators to continue launching campaigns on Kickstarter and for people to continue supporting campaigns on Kickstarter . They have stated that their unionization effort is to support the workers, creators, and backers who make Kickstarter possible. As in all cases, we follow the lead of those people building the movement and we thank them for their courageous stand. So let’s make this not just a Kickstarter campaign, but a labor campaign too: Here’s how you can stand with the workers of Kickstarter, in their own words. Also, you can share this campaign with the message that you support the workers of Kickstarter.


Have you tried Forbidden Island? It’s basically a simplified and faster version of Pandemic.


“Have you tried Forbidden Island?”
Thanks for the suggestion! No, I’m still trying to get my wife interested in games beyond Scrabble. She’ll play Backgammon and Duke, and Loveletter, but she professes to hate Munchkin. I’ve nearly given up, but I’ll look into that one.


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