Kid gets his hands on a leafblower and instantly transforms into a supervillian


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Open carry leaf blower! It’s a thing.


All people who use leaf blowers are villains. People who were actually trying to clean anything would use leaf vacuums.


More sugar! MORE SUGAR!!!


Anyone here remember the TadaoCern portrait series, “Blow Job”? Just a series of people getting leaf-blowered to the face.


I used this childlike impulse to use power tools to get my 12 year old son to power wash the entire back deck weekend before last. He did an absolutely smashing job of it too, minus one bit of enthusiasm which cost me about 18" of grout.


This instantly reminds me of the “cop makes up law to ticket black man” thread.


He just needs a Laserblast mask to blow stuff up in my nightmares!


Power sometimes goes to people’s heads.

It happens.


If EVERYBODY carried a leaf blower we would be much safer.


Loved the ending too!


While my spouse would probably agree with you, my golden retriever would not. The leaf blower is one of her favorite things in the universe.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the distended cheeks of a golden retriever latched onto the business end of a leaf blower.


That was perfect he was like: “Curses! Foiled again!”


I remember that kid!


the ending reminded me of that one part in Star Wars where that Darth guy killed the old dude and then afterwards he put his light saber down and did that little dance and laughed all about how he finally got even and then Luke picked up the light saber and totally whacked Darth guy.


Leafblowers don’t blow people. -National Leafblowers Association.


Reminds me of when I lived in a low income part of town and someones knee high child chased me with my own spray paint can, laughing.


I love a rotten kid…that’s great


I also knew a pair of twins a little older than that who would team up to try and nut shot you. pure evil


Speaking as a parent: they are best admired from a distance.