Kid Koala's "Collapser" featuring Emilíana Torrini and chemical puppeteer Karina Bleau

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I got to see Kid Koala round about '08ish. He’s the real deal. If ever a turntableist was a happy mutant, it’s this guy hands down. His skill level is up there with anyone else in the top tier, but the way he applies it to the projects he makes, and how he presents it all at his show, is just completely his own thing.


yea i’m tuned in now it fits

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i cried

dunno why, but i did

i’ll have all of it soon


Emilíana Torrini’s airy voice reminds me of Maggie Eckford aka ‘Ruelle’. Best exemplified with ‘Until We Go Down’, used as the ideal soundtrack to this surfing documentary video (skip ahead to 1:40 for music).

This is why I love BB. A post years ago, by Cory, I think, when mash-ups were all the rage, turned me on to Kid Koala. I believe that the album was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and wasn’t quite a mash-up, but a beautiful repurposing of old jazz records, to which the Kid added his special secret sauce of turntableism, scraps of movie and radio dialog, and quite memorable arrangements. The album included Fender Bender, and Drunk Trumpet, which I think were songs that really exemplified his work during the early days of web 2.0.
The album also included the notable Music For Morning People, quite memorable but difficult for some to bear, and difficult for others to hear over the sound of their own laughter. Rarely does a song come along that causes me to completely lose my shite with laughter over it’s arrangement and barrage of perfectly times snipits of movie dialog. I highly recommend listening to while enjoying a second cocktail at twilight.
While looking at the Wikipedia page for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome album, I learned that “the record was made by hand-cutting vinyl records onto an eight-track recorder without computer splicing or samplers.”, and that it included a companion comic book created entirely by Kid Koala (aka Eric San) himself. Yep, this kid is the real deal.


I’ve seen Eric play a number of times now, and it’s always a joy. He’s a fantastic turntablist, and a talented illustrator to boot.
Always, always to see him live if you can.


Don’t make me stop the car.

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Golem’s Song

Had Tolkien added golem to his story, that definitely would have been interesting; alas, he had feet of clay.

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Listening to the album now.

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