Kids' bike helmet prototype looks like a LEGO-style toy

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sigh even if they go into production, they probably won’t make them in adult sizes… I know that IKEA could sell a bunch of LÖMSKs in adult sizes if they made them.that big.

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I was hoping to see it on someone’s head. Bummed that they didn’t include that in the video.


Maybe it’s just my preconceptions of what a helmet should look like, but that doesn’t seem like it would provide much protection or ventilation.


Ventilation isn’t much of an issue in Northern Europe; kids around here mostly wear bone-dome style helmets.
The protective value of a bike helmet doesn’t seem to be that great anyway; the ones with a long front and rear rake can be positively dangerous in a collision because they have more twist leverage on the neck. They protect against abrasion, and sharp skull impacts, but the added deceleration they provide to mitigate the shaking up of the brain in a collision is minimal - air bags look a much better bet if they can be made to work.


No way. The last thing I need is a bunch of Beliebers chasing me.


Remember when that fancy-schmancy inflatable bike helmet was supposed to be the way of the future?

Then again, you just know if you handed that to a preteen that it wouldn’t last five minutes before being purposefully set off and requiring replacement.


Also, maybe I’m just hungry but the helmet in the BB post looks like chocolate and I really wanna take a bite…


Yeah - looks a lot more like chocolate than Legos to me too.

A Legoish helmet that you could stick things on, like headlights or red blinkies, might be useful.

Yeah, I was going to ask why kids would find a bike helmet that made them look like Trump to be appealing. Adults, for the ironic value, maybe, but…


Ridges seem likely to have traction which you don’t want from a helmet.

Reminded me of Luke Skywalker hair.

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