My fashionable bicycle and skating safety helmet

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What’s the inside like? Can it handle whitewater wetness as well?

i have the same helmet, same color even. it’s super comfortable, and i get comments on it all the time. well worth the price.


The padding would get inundated wet and its sticky may suffe? It handles sweat moisture just fine tho, so I do not know.

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OK, good to know. I’ll check around. I do multisports and my bike helmet is “OK.” It has the usual large vent-holes in it, and I’ve been borrowing a helmet for water until I can find something that works for both biking and kayaking/canoeing.


I once had a surf helmet, because I got hit in the head a lot and a friend thought it was a funny gift. I wore it and people made fun of me but that was nothing new.


I have a nice, permanent, visible, quarter-size dent in my skull from connecting with a thick tree branch when I was a teen. And having banged my helmeted-melon more than once on kayak rolls and bike falls into trees, I appreciate anyone who wears a helmet for anything. There’s no messing around with that stuff. Solid helmets are worth every damn penny.


That is a nice looking helmet.
How hard would it be to remove the Thousand logo from the front?

It is under the finish. Silver marker might do it. I can try if I can find mine.

NOPE – wipes right off.

Digging through the reviews, I have to pass on this one; sounds to be on the wide-side shape-wise, and I’ve been graced with a longer, “narrower” head.

and it looked so stylish

I have what motorcycle helmets call a ‘medium oval’ shaped head. This in small is tight in the front and back for me, but feels like a good fit and is comfortable. I am a 6 ⅞ hat size (tiny head).

No problem, just cover it with a “Bundeswehr” sticker.

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similarly, my head size is 6 3/4, and yeah, the Thousand helmet fits very comfortably. it’s adjustable with the little wheel on the inside/back, too.

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Thanks for taking the time to check into that. I appreciate it.

(edited to the above because the more I look at the original “Thanks for the effort!”, it just seems to read like you failed me somehow, and that’s not what I mean.)

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OT: I can has boingboing stikaz? Where?

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I’d not trust it for that. It’s certified for cycling and skateboarding. Certification processes for other sports are different.

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Looks ok, but I can’t for the life of me see how it could be properly vented with just those silly little slits on the top. It would be ok for a pootle along the beach-front at Santa Monica, but wearing it on a 30 mile cross-country off-road bike ride, I’d end up with a boil-in-the-bag head!
One upside - nothing for bugs to fly into and crawl around on your head.

Very true. It’s hard to find one that can be used all-around.

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I wear a lightweight bike helmet with the big slits running along the length, and the best thing about it is my helmet hair makes me look like I have dinosaur or Cardassian ridges.

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