Bell Bullitt TT: first impression helmet review


That is sweet. Why are the pretty helmets always the crazy expensive ones?

I’ve got no need for a motorcycle helmet, but I still want this.


Ouch!!! I couldn’t justify that kind of price, as nice as the helmet is, but I would recommend checking out this article:

Also, if you read the comments section of THAT article, it yields THIS little gem:

What would be the (dis)advantages of this curved visor over the flat version? (Enhanced peripheral vision?)

For those interested in the vintage-style helmets at a more modest price, check out Biltwell Gringo

Looks great, but lacks the flexibility of a flip-down visor.

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Has nothing on Atelier Ruby’s ridiculously priced helmets.

I like how the quantity selector goes up to 100. A grand total of $39,900 w/o tax.

Didn’t know $400 was crazy expensive for helmets
Shoei X12


is for le supère coule vintage style, mon ami!

Beautiful, deffo wonderful with your Scrambler.

I’m an Arai RX-7 chap. Not cheap at all, but best thing for my noggin; just in case.

“Breathtaking” is not what I want in a helmet or SCUBA gear.


I’m having some trouble working out why a bubble visor is supposed to improve the peripheral vision. Unless your eyes stick out enough that the bubble lets them get full advantage of waving around on stalks, I’m pretty sure that a simple ‘flat’ visor will allow exactly the same view.

And no, $400 is not expensive for a helmet. Last one I can remember the price for was about $600, sometime around '98. My head is worth a lot of money; isn’t yours?

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Depends who you ask.


The distance of the screen from my eyes allows me to focus beyond it where the proximity of a flat screen, with water and mist condensing on the exterior of the visor, has my eyes focusing on it.

Perhaps completely placebo and it is all the size of the hole the visor covers, but it feels far more open and less intrusive. I am pretty sure the way the initial post is structured it does not solely credit the bubble visor.

However, were I Mon Calamari this would be more comfortable as well.

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im concerned why it is not Snell rated, but not too concerned.

What is the difference between a $300 helmet and a $900
helmet? if it is DOT and SNELL? comfort. amenities.

If it passes both safety ratings, it will protect you the same. the price difference is for lighter shell materials, more comfortable liner, and in some cases? stupid graphics.

but comfort is what you pay more for. equally rated? 900 provides same safety as 300 helmet.

Bell has come a long way recently (even though outsourced to china)
I’m also a fan of Scorpion, (china) but same price/performance point.

For years, I would only race in Shoei, but when the prices went over $800? I started looking around. I have utilized a Scorpion at ~ 97mph+ Buttonwillow raceway, unintended track exit. It worked GREAT

The important thing to remember with helmets? just like underwear, you should replace them regularly about every 3 years. and anytime they are dropped.

there is some really good info on the SnellFAQ page - if you are really interested.

And remember kids, wearing helmets is something you should DO, but it still should be a choice. not a law. (carrying insurance? taking proper training? now that should be a law)


I think the adage is, “If you don’t think your head is worth putting in a helmet, it probably isn’t.”

similar to snowboard goggles that are cylindrical vs. spherical. it’s an exaggerated form of this effect and can have a huge impact on how you view the terrain, particularly in low/flat light or at speed.

anyone compared this to the classic? i’m in the market for a helmet and also have a vintage style bike (w650) i was going to get a gringo. but i like the fit/finish of the new bell stuff and the flip down visor clinches it for me. i like the larger face opening of the Bullitt and the bubble shield. i think i’m sold.

Has anyone got a good solution for that? I used to use RainX on my very old car windscreen, want that kind of gubbins for a helmet visor.