Bell Bullitt TT, one year update and new paint schemes


So what is the point of the bubble shield? It doesn’t increase visibility…

It looks like you are in a 1958-1962 space movie?

I like that it moves the glare and interruption point of looking through the shield out a little bit and it creates a false sense of more peripheral vision/comfort for me. I do not think it is a dangerous illusion, just one that has me feel like I am less in a helmet than I am?

Also, that mask almost never ever fogs up. Even specially treated flat shields do for me.


I will have to try one out the next time I am due for a new lid especially if it fogs up less.

That alone sounds like a useful feature.

I like the look, kind of vintagey, but I was just curious.

After I bumped into you at Dipsea a few months back and said hello in the parking lot, about three weeks later, you zipped passed me on Nicasio Valley Road (I was riding a bicycle). Again, I recognized you only from your bitchin’ helmet. But it was sort of weird, because those were the only two times I’d been in Marin in about two years.


It does, because the helmets vents so well and the shield is just that much further from your wet air spraying nose and mouth.

It is loud, however. Not quiet at all. I like the noise for riding around town but that helmet is not for a 250-500mi day.

Interested mostly for the damp morning commute rides in Seattle and it probably isn’t any noisier than my Scorpion is.

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the bubble originally was to give “wider field of vision” and the unintentional bonus was not only less fogging, but rain tends to be pushed to the side when riding.

the SUPER PLUS the Bell has over the old ones made in the 70s? chinbar. (well, and modern safety specs)

Attached photo of my racing mentor in ~ early 1970s with a bubble visor


It’s irritating that they sell the bubble shields separately, but only sell most colors of the helmet with the flat shield. Why don’t they offer all the colors with the bubble visor?

They look cool, but are very uncomfortable, to me at least, and the construction feels cheap and squeaky. I wanted to love these, tried them on a couple times, and was (literally) sorely disappointed every time.

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I read this around… 1983? …

Spoiler alert: the helmet gets shattered.

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