The guy standing behind this invisibility shield made a few improvements

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I predict people will start doing this to their car windows.


I’m still astonished at the untold VC $$$ that the Quantum Stealth people have gotten for… playing with fresnel lenses.


Ah, there’s nothing like trying to view a video from the boingboing front page while other video ads try to compete for their part of the auditory spectrum.


UV cured adhesive would allow him to spread the adhesive over the whole surface, squeegee out all the air bubbles. They make multiple versions in super thin to super thick and it will ONLY cure when exposed to UV.

I understand it’s a garage project, but the super glue was…pretty janky…

Also, seems like he might want a short pole coming out the back. Every time he held it farther away from himself, the effect was better…


He would have had a much easier time blending in if he didn’t wear black

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Seems like a small piece of this would make a nice face shield, though you can’t see out of it. Maybe leave a thin strip of clear plastic for your eyes? Not for invisibility per se, just for obscuring one’s face from surveillance.


What guy?


I see what you did there…oh wait.


Still waiting for the active version with HDR retina screen and camera, viewer tracking, and some sort of perspective compensation for the difference of a few feet between the screen and camera. Maybe a generative AI to fill in the perspective gaps. If nothing more it could look great in demo videos.

In the meantime I just realized that a simple camera and display would make for a fun halloween costume. Be the headless horseman or donut man with hole in torso.

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No exploding hedges?

Not with Goths he wouldn’t

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A great improvement would have been a randomly blob shaped shield. At distance it was mostly the clean rectangular shape that gave him away.

The video clearly needs more Jimmy.

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