Video demonstration of new "invisibility cloak"

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A few TGOP’ers would pay handsomely for that “invisibility cloak”.


Send this to Hong Kong NOW - the suit makers already have the market…


I would like to see how this behaves in front of backgrounds that have not been so carefully curated.


Just in time for the coming mega-wars because of climate change caused migration/starvation/etc … AKA life-ending threats to hundreds of millions of people … meanwhile the millionaires & billionaires hire their guards and watch the bloodbath from behind their walls.


The second patent application is a new “Solar Panel Amplifier” which uses the same lens material that is a key component of all four patents. It has demonstrated to provide more than triple the output of an equal thin film control panel and almost triple that of a monocrystalline panel.

The third patent application is simply called “Display System” but it’s capable of producing holographic-like images with the addition of a powered projector. The holodeck from Star Trek is one step closer. The patent office has already reviewed this patent application.

If the phrase “Quantum Stealth Light Bending” wasn’t enough of a hint, I’d say this is all proper bollocks.

Let’s see…

Guy Cramer is the founder, CEO and sole employee of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. in Maple Ridge, B.C. Cramer had no professional experience in the world of camouflage before 2002. He’d been selling plumbing supplies when, dismayed by the cost of the new Canadian Forces uniform, he started tinkering with his own designs and posting them online.


From the technical video, it appears that it doesn’t function like a two-way mirror, so lack of visibility on both sides could be a drawback sometimes.


Hard to tell how much is real. On their home page it is stated: “note the photos on this page do not show the real technology - they are mockups to show the media the concept”

It seems fake to me.


Where I work, we design and build nanoimprint lithography equipment; the technique is often used to create novel optical devices.

The “Quantum Stealth Cloak” looks like a large fresnel lens or similar nano-imprinted lens array. I don’t think its fake, just a moderately stupid use of a powerful fabrication technique.

I’m less sure about Mr. Cramer - I can’t find any patent applications for relevant technology in Canada or in the US that list him as the inventor.

ETA : Better overview of NIL technology and methods here:


OK that looks fucking amazing. But I want to see it on FLIR and IR.

Pinhole camera somewhere that shows up on screen or goggles.


Wow, seems cool. What kind of products do you end up producing with that tech? Cool unicorn stickers?


“quantum stealth light bending”??!! man, so close to bullshit bingo!

Someone point this at their website, please:


It is cool, and yes, you can use it to make cool unicorn stickers; we actually worked on something like that. Not every project is going to save the world. You can also use nanoimprint processes to make super hydrophobic surfaces, anti-reflective materials, antimicrobial materials, desalination filters, flexible electronics, and highly efficient solar cells.


The phrase “The patent office has already reviewed this patent application” is accurate, though not particularly meaningful.


I’m sure that whatever they’ve developed is interesting, and all kinds of engineers and designers could find uses for it. I’m more dubious that it’s an “invisibility cloak” in any practical sense, mainly because they seem to have decided in advance that what it’s for is to get more people into Red Cross tents having shards of grandma’s skull picked out of their bloody stumps, rather than, you know, starting with the research and seeing where it leads.


Yeah, basically the way it’s laid out, it’s hard to tell whether the material is actually doing anything legit, or if this is just what happens when you bend a lenticular surface in front of a background that’s patterned just-so.


I bow to your superior searching skills!

The stealth cloak looks more or less as I expected.

Pretty much this.

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There have been some genuine mathematical advances over the last 15 years in the theory of how to bend light waves to hide objects, and prototype devices have been around for 10 years or so, but these all involve active technology, not a single passive material, and the demos I’m aware of (though I’m well out of date on this) involve objects the size of a can of soda.