OMG there's a real-life invisibility shield you can make

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Look, we’ve covered this before. It’s just a fresnel sheet. It only makes you invisible in front of horizontal stripes, so its use is pretty limited. And sartorially questionable.

Horizontal stripes?
So anything invisible could just be a zebra doing a hand stand?

Well, the background has to have horizontal stripes. Or at least, the only major pattern markers need to be horizontal ones. So, like, horizontal stripes, or standing in front of a piece of wainscoting, or with horizontal pipes in the background – that sort of thing. Whenever you see this demo it’s always the same carefully selected sort of backgrounds to make it look impressive; because of the way the lenticular light bending works it’s limited to only those sorts of backgrounds.

Ah, my mistake.
A zebra doing a hand stand in a humbug factory?


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