Portable background for video conferencing


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Get a green screen one and have some real fun…


Mad Magazine figured this out back with the original Picture-Phone in the sixties…
By Smiley Derleth. This concept may be as timely as ever right now.  A reprint from Crown Publishing


Even better, get the one with green on one side and eggshell white on the other.

Edited to add: Kinda like this one - though it needs a light stand. It’s inexpensive, at least.


Is a portable foreground available for us {lengthy pause} unconventionally attractive people?


Instead of attaching to your chair it should be in a backpack and fold out behind you like beetle wings.


This is the scene I like to put up when I do a video chat:


A ceiling-mounted roll up screen would seem to be an option for you that wouldn’t have the same problem with the edges small chair-mounted screen does.


A room divider would do the same job and not be attached to a chair.


Regardless of the solution, I need a fail safe - some sort of automatic switch that will turn off my web camera when my special protective screen falls over, revealing whatever it is behind my chair that I don’t want seen (a collection of “ironic” Vote Trump! posters?)


my solution:


Peewee had multiple pull-down backgrounds for his videoconferences.




This is fantastic! A good complement to

(not convinced this was ever an actual product versus a joke, but still needed)


If I wasn’t using a real name and was less-than-professional, I would suggest avoiding the issue by simply working from bed.


If you want a larger one, search for “collapsible backdrop” or “collapsible background” at Amazon or any place that sells pro photo-studio gear.

You’ll have to add your own chair strap, but that shouldn’t be much trouble for an accomplished Maker. (-:


My favorite when using telepresence:


or a cheaper one … that looks like an $11 light reflector, and it doesn’t look like $34 of elastic band


Awww yeah

This one comes with a stand and apparently an attractive lady friend

Bit pricey though.


…and they also come in greenscreen and bluescreen. (-:

Heck, for the price of this thing, you could get a multi-color pack, and change your background to suit your mood.

Pop-up reflectors can be fun, too, and come in a variety of colors and surfaces — but they’re a bit trickier to light. (-: