Making your own Star Wars Tusken Raider helmet

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Movie Raise The Roof GIF by Star Wars


I’m curious just how bad the visibility is while wearing that.


Probably why their chief form of transportation is a giant critter that moves at slower than walking pace lol.

It didn’t work out too well when Boba tried to put them on speeder bikes.


with simple parts and materials, hot glue, and some 3D printed greeble

Given that the basic mask form itself was 3D printed, it’s essentially a 3D printed mask with some leather and canvas wrappings. If it was just the greebles that were printed, a screen-faithful version could have been sourced in some other way (since they’re fairly simple tubes and spikes), but it becomes a lot more complicated to make this without a 3D printer.

The tunnel vision must be extreme. I’m guessing this is why the later movies had shorter eye-tubes…


This makes me want to finish my Stormtrooper armor.

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Are Tusken Raiders human under their masks?

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