Darth Vader's car




I see that the original headline - and URL (Darth Vader’s car) - refer to DART Vader’s car. So I, of course, thought it would be based on a Dodge Dart. Sadly, it isn’t.


Please don’t be a batmobile, please don’t be a batmobile…

Oh. It’s a batmobile.




So that’s what the new SW movie will look like?


Not very imaginative. Why build a car that looks like a face mask/ helmet?


Agreed, I cannot imagine Darth Vader would tell his designers “you know, I want the car to look like my mask.”


They have cars, with wheels, Star Wars? Shouldn’t it be floating?


But honestly, who gets a car fashioned after their helmet?



Next up, Darth Vader’s cutthroat razor, top hat, and spinning-wheel.




Edit to fix missing pic…


Darth Vader. :smiley:


Not many cars these days still have a “choke” knob in the dashboard.


Why would he need a car with wheels when he’s got a Tie fighter? Or an AT-AT. Or even that one time he used a FLYING GODDAMNED CAR ON CORUSCANT?

I’m suspecting this is just a marketing tool…


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