Nerdy carved crayons


I’m sorry, but… Darth Dildo


They’re really easy to make . . . just carve away anything that doesn’t look like Darth Vader!

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If you write with one of these, are you all about the zen impermanence of action, or are you just a Philistine?

Yeah seriously, how did I make it this long without noticing Vader looks like a dong?


Here’s another fun question for you then: which piece of C3PO did the stormtroopers find next to the escape pod on Tatooine?

“I am your father.” Kinda obvious now.

“Sometimes a Sith Lord, is just a Sith Lord”

(glad I’m not the only person whose first reaction was “yep, vader is a phallic symbol all right, no doubt about it”)

I’m thinking I shall refer to him as the “Cortosis-Helmeted-Warrior” from now on… nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, say no more!

Funny because he instantly made me think of the Baby Jesus butt plug.

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