Mesmo-rising Boba Fett sculpture time-lapse

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Video link for the BBS

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I never understood the Boba Fett fandom when he was just some random bounty hunter in Empire and ROTJ who gets rather comically killed very quickly. I hear he’s been un-killed.

But anyway, turning him into a Very Special Stormtrooper Clone was weird, but not nearly as weird as Darth Vader himself building C-3PO for his mom. Wait, am I remembering all that right? Sounds too ridiculous; maybe I just imagined it while high.

Partly because of the toy being fucking amazing and his bad assery was limited only to one’s imagination.

Also, just because Han rolled a critical success and he rolled a critical fail to recover, doesn’t negate he was the one who was smart enough to track the Falcon to Bespin and help set up the trap that lead to their capture.

Fair enough

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