'The Book of Boba Fett' finally gets a trailer

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In the movies Mr. Fett was just a goofy guy who was killed by a blind man. Why do people think he is such a badass?


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Let’s face it, he was in the original trilogy too. His one accomplishment was to rat out the location of the Millennium Falcon to the Empire, something the anteater guy had already done in the previous movie.

Then Boba lost a fight to a blind man and got knocked into the sarlaac in a bit of slapstick comedy. He was a Space Doofus in a cool suit.


Wasn’t the underworld dinner scene directly taken from Kill Bill?

His Clone Wars whining is reminiscent of a young Luke.


(To Darth Vader): “C’mon, he’s no good to me deeaaad!”


This is the NEW way.


All true, but Temuera Morrison gives a Fett the appropriate menace to fit the armor.


Are you suggesting the other guy wasn’t suitably intimidating without the helmet?


Ed Begley Jr is the best Fett


This is it. I think it’s the nifty outfit combined with Darth Vader warning him not to disintegrate anyone.

He does look really cool though, so maybe these efforts are all an attempt to justify that sweet costume.


Scared the boiled mynock right off my dinner plate.

Jet pack. (Granted the jet pack doesn’t come off looking too good either.)


I personally can’t get enough of Ming-Na Wen, so I’m down for this.


He was mysterious with a great costume and a Clint Eastwood type swagger. He was also the teaser character leading up to the release of The Empire Strikes Back. And his toy was freaking awesome. Compare it to the other figures at the time, and he sticks out as amazing looking.

I prefer the un-retconned Boba. He was kind of a bumbling fool and jerk in The Clone Wars,

Clone Wars is still cannon, IIRC. And he was a kid, man. Cut him some slack!

Ahsoka was the stereotypical whiny teenager, and look how well she turned out!

Re: Fett’s Vette:

A Masterpiece.

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Re: The trailer

Looking good! So it should be “The Book of Boba Fett - Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster”? It looks like they are going to keep him more or less an anti-hero? I hope/suspect it will include flashbacks to at least tell us where he was the last few years.

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Bounty hunter would be assaulting women in Texas seeking abortions in our timeline.


“The Accounting Ledgers of Boba Fett”


Ed Begley, Jr. | Wookieepedia | Fandom.

seriously, the badass of space as portrayed by Ed Begley Jr.


The marketing around the character and Empire was pretty aggressive in building him up as such. The he looks cool and Vader says so line we typically hear doesn’t seem to hit the half of it. There was a marketing blitz around these films at the time that tends not to enter the conversation, including coverage in stuff like Tiger Beat, some truly weird local news coverage, and for Empire a huge focus on Boba Fett. Having not lived through that, I’m usually pretty surprised when I come across a lot of this stuff. IIRC there were even county fair appearances of actors (though not the actors) in the costumes. You know “Come See the New Star Wars STUFF! Sunday after the Tractor Pull!”

The character was introduced in the Holiday Special. And as goes that thing, and 70’s/80’s cartoon villains Fett was pretty boss and plausibly threatening. Also he rides a frikin Dinosaur.

The animated sequence is kinda the one thing there that’s worth watching unironically. Descriptions of the character, photos, promo articles and what have were published all over. All pushing him as a dangerous badass you just had to see. IIRC even the card description from the toy was published before the toy was ever available. And the term Mandalorian got it’s first mention in this push, despite not appearing in the films at all. Including outlines of what the Mandalorians were, and how mysterious and blah de blah.

The films obviously didn’t pay off in this front, in classic Star Wars fashion. But the old EU leaned hard into paying off the expectations from all of that. Lots of Boba.

So by the 90s and the big resurgence of Star Wars stuff around the Special Editions, and lead up to the prequels. Fett was a serious fan favorite character. That part I do remember, it was very much like Wolverine in Marvel Comics at the time. Star Wars did not come up without Boba Fett, he got slapped on the cover of everything.