Boba Fett Week 3: Chrome don't get you home

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I like Boba.



I appreciate Bad Punks trope becoming Bad Mods this go round.

But they pretty much fridged one of the more interesting things they had going.


The third installment of The Book of Boba Fett is about epic empty payoffs, bad special effects, and Star Wars finally, finally getting stunt-casting right… and somehow they made a Wookie fight not exciting.



Yeah, that fight was weird and disappointing. How can a wookie bite Boba’s hand and punch him with electric brass knuckles without drawing blood or leaving a mark? Aren’t those guys known for being strong, and this one in particular is supposed to be a legendary badass?

Also, how the heck does a big ol’ wookie just stroll on in to the guy’s private chambers unnoticed in the first place? Did someone leave the back door open? That front door looks hard to get past, but maybe it’s just for show.


Great to hear Toast get some work in this.

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How did a giant Wookie break into the palace and get past all the body guards, only to have them arrive at the last possible moment unscathed and ready to fight? It looked at one point like Boba was badly beat and his foot was maybe mangled — but moments later he was A-OK.

Really could have been an amazing fight scene and not one of Hal Gurney’s network time killers.


Where IS everyone? Like he has 2 guards, Shand, and a handful of droids, and now a small biker gang. Where is all the goons that used to hang out at the palace?


Probably scattered and working elsewhere. Boba Fett has a dilemma. To make money in protection you need a lot of goons. But how do you get a lot of goons without money.


And he had time to put on a bathrobe before coming out to finish the fight…


Weren’t a substantial portion of them aboard Jabba’s yacht when it went boom?

Besides, once Max Rebo moved on to his new gig, the palace lost its Rancor, and the carbonate wall art was taken down, what reason was there to hang out in the palace when all the best entertainment that made it interesting was gone?

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Sadly that might be down to reality intruding. A lot of shows shot during COVID have a curious lack of people.

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Yes, but that was 5 years ago and Bib Fortuna took over the the criminal enterprise, so he had 5 years to build it back up. I mean, if it was just Bib Fortuna and a handful of goons as well, then why would the three families agree to follow him vs just doing it themselves? I guess if he had the blessings of the Hutts?

I dunno - lots of internal politics as to who is running Mos Espa that I am sure we will find out.

Good point.

I think that’s the bigger question. If this is the state of things, and the minute Fett takes control there’s multiple parties claiming the territory.

Why was Bib Fortuna left in control for 5 years. Just ignore the lack of goons for the moment, COVID restrictions.

If he was the rep for the Hutts, then why are they claiming it as Jabba’s territory. Rather than “It’s already ours and you killed our general manager”. How is the response a claim, rather than a harder hit back? How was Fett in a position to hit at the Hutts? Who are traditionally depicted as controlling whole solar systems?

Were the Pykes making a play? Did they chip away at Fortuna’s operation? Then why are they not around by the time we start? Why are they arriving?

This is part of why it’s a shame they killed off those Tuskens. Fett helping them carve out territory and influence would have explained a lot. Mos Espa was cut off, Fortuna weakened. The Pykes were pushed out, or set back, by loosing control of their overland routes. Fett steps in from a position controlling the Dune Sea.

I honestly think the problem on this front is Robert Rodriquez. His plotting has always been loose and his scripts tropey at best.

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Er Favreau is writing, Rodriquez is producing and directed an episode.

I think we are getting a little impatient, as we will see how the threads start to come together when pulled. We don’t fully understand the state of affairs pre-Boba Fett, but hopefully it will become clearer. The trailers showed the meeting of the three families around the table, so that probably will have some exposition.

The problem, IMO, is we have higher expectations with established characters vs no expectations from someone completely new, like The Mandalorian. We want both new information about the character, while maintaining the mystery, which is hard to have both.

The Star Wars universe is full criminal syndicates. The only syndicate that I can think of that could make the Hutts abandon a back water planet to not fight after is The Black Sun. Who knows, the EU was canned but Xizor is still cannon, so maybe he never died…

But probably it is just the Pykes. Since they are in the flashbacks and present, it makes sense they are the big bad, and given Fett has history with them, allow for some sort of bad thing that happened that he seeks revenge for.

Side note, I liked how Stephen Root’s character almost started to go into the back story of Tatooine, and the altered Ralph McQuarrie concept art as a mural on the chase scene.

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That scene where the droid was projecting the hologram of the city and explaining the basic state of affairs regarding who was in charge of what may have been necessary exposition for the audience, but it strongly suggested that Boba didn’t do any basic research before waltzing in to town, murdering Bib in cold blood, and declaring that he was in charge, despite only having one solitary foot soldier at the time. I don’t think he’s demonstrated that he’s at all qualified for a job like running a crime syndicate, which requires a lot of delegation.


I can agree the fight wasn’t very exciting, but I am fine with the lack of blood or graphic violence. They are keeping it PG-13.

I have seen people on Twitter complain that it should be more like The Punisher and R rated. And I think really that goes against the spirit of Star Wars.

I think I can remember one instance of blood in the original trilogy, and that was the severed arm in the cantina. Which they put in there on purpose to keep it from getting a G rating. I think even the Wampa scene was bloodless.

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I think it is too strict an adherence to a serialization but ignoring the wider/larger scope of similar western programs. Everything in every episode regardless of how sly or deeply hidden is a contributing plot factor, and nothing happens because life happens. No side quests, all the development so far has been marching towards a goal.

I think we will find out he killed Bib Fortuna because the bike gang that slaughtered the Tusken’s were under Bib’s rule. This is likely how he killed a CGI Hutt emissary without retribution – he was taking revenge for his lost family or some new rule of crimelords we’ll hear about. EVERYTHING MUST CONNECT, NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

This is a movie in X parts, and poorly organized for a serial. We could have had the whole "Boba before finding Fennic, just after his people were slaughtered while hunting his armor intending to take on Bib as revenge part in EP 1 and just moved forward. The flashbacks serve to just hammer a gong at this point and tell you to LOOK AT THIS IT IS IMPORTANT.