Temuera Morrison says 'The Book of Boba Fett' is like 'Remington Steele' but in space

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Whoa, that’s a reach.


I don’t see how he could have even known about Leia’s badass revenge against Jabba. I just watched the Sarlacc Pit Battle and he went out like a punk and got swallowed a good 25 seconds before she strangled that slug. But perhaps the legendary acts of Leia the Huttslayer had spread so quickly among the community that he heard about it from one of his captors.


Did he? Man, he didn’t last very long – but no vaporizations!


It was good to see that Max Rebo is still alive and kicking though. It would have been interesting to see how he survived. Although I choose to believe that the show’s writers saw this Robot Chicken episode and decided to make it canon.


They really need to put Nick Winters in.


payton’s rendition also has the benefit of being far more exciting. there was absolutely nothing gained in that episode by actually showing it

this would have been a great take.

i actually think they made a huge mistake by taking off fett’s mask - literally and figuratively. if the show(s) - including his bits in the mandalorian circled around him without putting him front and center, he could have stayed more enigmatic

i’ll give it another episode, but i literally fell asleep during the first one. that even robert rodriguez wasn’t able to spice it up speaks volumes


Temuera Morrison, the actor who has played many of Star Wars best characters,

lol. Who could forget CC-2376 !?

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It was a mistake of epic proportions to not have Danny Trejo with a machete lightsaber in the episode.


Replace Temuera with Salma Hayek and I’m in.


I don’t remember Remington Steele very well. Wasn’t the mom from Everyone Loves Raymond in that too?

Re: Fennec Shand


I loved Remington Steele. It was in many ways a live action, older version of Inspector Gadget (who was always saved by his daughter).

Could the next Star Wars series be “Sledge Hammer!” (exclamation point is required) in space, please?


“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

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The series just started. Danny Trejo would mix in well with the other scum in Mos Espa.

That ship already sailed when we met Jango and all his clones.


And baby Boba, played by Daniel Logan.

not really.

i get confused by the prequels but like @Mister44 says, it was my understanding that robert a fett was the kid. so we have a glimpse of his origins, but no real idea of his story

His childhood was simple. What more is there to say?


right? and yet disney decided to base their latest show on it.

for me, it’s like seeing youngling anakin. it subtracts from the myth rather than adds to it.

i hope the show turns out better than it’s seeming. the straight on: here’s bobba and a random slice of his life ( edit: on what’s supposed to be an obscure backwater planet even ) hasn’t grabbed me at all yet

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