Boba Fett's 5th episode has me worried about 'Obi-Wan Kenobi'

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@jlw hasn’t created a rant thread for this week so I guess it’s up to me. I’m assuming that readers of the thread will be ok with spoilers and that we don’t need to blur posts on this thread, right? you’ve been warned.

So I’ll start out: this episode was 100% Boba free and I’m very much cool with that. I also was relieved to see a little law-and-order is starting to return to the galaxy in the form of sensible weapons restrictions on commercial flights, and rules against reckless hot-rodding of unregistered ships in close proximity to passenger vessels. Who would have expected to get busted for that above Tatooine of all places? Times are certainly changing.


Ringworld ringworld ringworld!

I literally made squee noises, then had to explain to my children what a ringworld is and why it’s cool.


This weeks episode had me squeeing so much.

I felt that while its been fun these last few weeks having some beers with Boba, Mando just showed up with an 8ball and kicked the party up a notch.

I want that Grogu shaped package on a shirt.

Also, the armorer has to be Sabine Wrenright? She knew much about the dark saber, had no issue wielding it, and her training steps were very similar to how she was trained.


It has to be a beskar chainmail onesie, right?


It is definitely that.

Edit: the only “issue” I had with this episode was if beskar is meant for armor and not weapons, what about the whistling birds? Those are beskar darts right? Sure it’s a defensive weapon but still not ‘armor’ This Mandolorian religion sure splits some hairs.


Dear Star Wars designers/directors: if you want to fuck an SR-71 Blackbird, just say so. I’m sure it can be arranged.

So much time wasted on made up mechanical part conversation. That’s not world-building, that’s padding.


You do know that’s the naboo fighter from back in episode 1 right?

For the greater Boba Fett show, the entire episode was padding. Sweet delicious, fanservicey, technonabbley padding with a side of jawa kink.


Also, that’s how gearheads really talk when they’re elbows deep in rebuilding something, as far as I’ve seen.


It was because the screenwriters needed to take away a powerful weapon he could actually use, for a superpowerful weapon he has to level up for.


I didn’t realise how much i’d missed Mando doing his Mando things until this episode, maybe it was a lot of padding but it was still more enjoyable than the padding and mood board storyline of Boba. It’s funny that they dedicate an entire episode to a character from another series, it’s almost like they don’t have enough storyline to fill the other series. :thinking:

The ringworld/orbital station was very very lovely though.


I’ve always felt from the beginning that even tho this appears to be a separate show, it’s really all part of the Mandalorian saga. Mando’s main story was put on pause to let Boba have his tale. We were told that
the end of the Book of Boba Fett will dovetail right into Mando s3. Getting a “what’s he been up to since then” story was necessary for me.


Yeah, i agree that it felt like the start of season 3 of The Mandalorian but Boba has not yet finished and it really gives the impression they just don’t have faith in the Boba series, or at least not enough actual story to fill seven episodes.


Just watched this episode last night and thought it was a perfectly good episode of The Mandalorian,
which it totes fine with me since that was a better show than The Book of Boba Fett.

The one thing that bothered me was the idea that a Naboo N-1 Starfighter would be remotely capable of replacing the functionality of the Razor Crest. It’s a one-seater for crying out loud. What happens when nature calls and he can’t get up to use the vac-tube? Where is he supposed to stash all his weapons? Where is he supposed to put the carbonite-frozen people he’s collecting bounties on—strapped to the roof rack??


I think it is one of those situations where you go to the car dealership to get a minivan but they have this sweet coupe. and yeah, you can’t do what you intended to do with it but man, so sexy, but it won’t haul the kids or the kidnapped criminals you were going to sell, but man, fast and sexy, did I really want kids and maybe I should find different work anyway.

In a month he’s gonna go run to jawa home depot and remember he needed the minivan, then forget again then he walks back out to the parking lot and sees it.


“Look, I can bring you in hot or I can bring you in—wait. Scratch that, I forgot I don’t have enough trunk space for anything more than your head. Sorry.” [Decapitates bounty with darksaber]


“I’m working on myself”


I wonder if that “Jawas are very furry” thing was just an overgeneralization based on the one guy she dated. Maybe most of them are relatively hairless but she just happened to hook up with the Jawa equivalent of Sean Connery.


I like how there’s a little separate sound-proofed domed area to put the Youngling. Reminds me of The Homer: The Car Built For Homer.



My thoughts exactly! He can stick the kid back there and they won’t be able to fuck with his shit.

Honesty though I wish they had kept the floating pram and given me three seasons of Mando and the kid doing Lone Wolf and Cub