Book of Boba Fett episode 6 discussion

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I am again thrilled beyond belief at what I just watched. So much awesome. Although at this point I am not even sure what show I am watching anymore, but I don’t care since I am thrilled with what we are getting.

At least Boba was in this one.


I’m not sure what i’m watching anymore either, they seem to have completely lost interest in the Boba storyline but this is the more interesting storyline anyway. Even though it’s not the damn Mandalorian! Hiring the guy who deepfaked a more convincing looking Luke than a multi-billion dollar company seems to have paid off but i’m really not sure we needed to see all that, since it seems it’s just a set up for Grogu choosing the cute little chain mail onesie and going back to daddy Mando. Pure fan service i guess. The other thing is that you have to have watched a lot of other Star Wars properties to fully appreciate the things you’re seeing. The gunslinger is a big deal? I had no idea who they were.


[Why Grogu is not in any of the sequels]

Luke: Here is a gift from the Mandalorian (shows tiny chainmail). You can choose that or this (whips out lightsaber). It was used by Master Yoda.

Grogu: Master Luke, why not both? The armor blocks lightsabers and blasters. Why do Jedi wear nothing but robes when we have this stuff out there to protect ourselves?

Luke: Get Out!!


That last scene was straight up Lone Wolf and Cub! Which is what I’ve been saying Mando and the kid should be!!



As I have been saying from the get go, they made a mistake making this be a separate series. It should have been The Mandalorian Season 3:the book of boba fett. We could have had a quick checkin with Djin early on ('I’m gonna go look for my people") then let Boba get his 4 episodes and then be right back where we are now.

As for Grogu being so centered this week, I am fully embracing his foundling status so he is as also a mandalorian at this point.

I was thinking as well it was a bit of overkill but then we got the crouching tiger hidden Grogu scene Luke force skipping Grogu along and I was delighted.

I still say Grogu should be able to take a gap year, go hang with Mando and then come back and train. As for why little G isn’t seen come TFA time, it could easily be that Kylo killed him in his purge.

They are counting on that for sure, but so far it hasn’t hindered anything. Both the Darksaber and BoKatan were big things in two previous cartoons, but everything you needed to cover them got taken care of in the show. I feel all you will need to know about Cad Bane will be shown next week. For now, he’s just LeeVan Cleef.


In my head canon, Grogu quit because Luke is a really crappy teacher (as seen in LTJ) He left it all behind and became the Littlest Bounty Hunter. (plushies and action figures coming to a store near you).


He wouldn’t even let Grogu have a mid-meditation snack!


He so, so, so very much is extremely very bad at being responsible for anything or anyone.

“You are going to live for nine hundred years, and he will only live for a very short time, so you have to DECIDE NOW RIGHT NOW NO THINKING ABOUT IT DECIDE WHAT THE NEXT THOUSAND YEARS WILL BE LIKE RIGHT NOW whether you spend the rest of your life as a Jedi or whether you get to see your friend again, like, ever. Because, you know, I broke off my training to go help my friends, and I came back to complete my training, and here I am, and now I get to decide what training looks like because I’m literally the only one doing it in the entire galaxy, but, you know, apparently being a Jedi is like being a Bodhisattva, only more sort of sociopathic in a lovingkindness way. See, I did learn from Master Yoda: I learned all the wrong things.”


That makes a lot of sense, or even have the Mando scenes dispersed through the Boba series because there clearly isn’t enough meat in Book and it would have made it feel less like a slog.

That was admittedly very adorable.

Very possible though i hope not but what about the hogged out droid port on the starfighter? To me that’s clearly a sign that Grogu is going to be in there at some point, how he stops him pressing buttons and stuff is anyone’s guess.


Are they using “hogged out” with a different meaning than the one I know?

In my experience, to “hog something out” is to roughly remove a large amount of material as quickly as practical.

When cutting a mortise, for example, you could use your mortise chisel and carefully cut through, or you could get your drill press and hog out most of the hole, then go back with the chisels to clean up.

What Din Djarin and Peli Motto did was cover over an existing space, rather than to chop out a great mass of anything.

I know it’s trivial, but it bugs me.


Oh Grogu is definitely going there. Or, if Din goes back to bounty work, he can store the heads there! Like a decapitated game of Trouble.


As a fellow carpenter, I agree that hogged out seems a bit off. There would however be mounting points and data connections that an astromech droid would need that have probably been removed for Grogu’s space car seat.

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That was basically my understanding of the term but we didn’t get to see what she removed from there and i have no idea what a droid port with no droid contains, i was just using the word she used. :person_shrugging:


There definitely seems to be an inverse relationship between “how exciting is The Book of Boba Fett?” and “how much Boba Fett is there in this episode?”

The Cad Bane scene was some fun classic western visuals even if the outcome was a foregone conclusion from the second Bane’s silhouette appeared on the horizon.

What I want to know is what the heck is Boba Fett’s proposed business model, anyway? He wants to be a crime lord who… somehow makes money fighting the War on Drugs? Wasn’t spice smuggling supposed to be the cornerstone of the whole criminal empire Fett just took over? The whole reason Fett ended up working for Jabba in the first place is because Jabba wanted to teach a lesson to the smuggler who lost one of his shipments! I guess there’s always the “protection racket” angle, except that Fett also hasn’t shown any interest in laying beatdowns on the folks who don’t pay up so that’s a dead end too. You can’t be crime lord if you don’t commit any crimes, dumbass.


I mean they’ve described it in interviews as Mandalorian Season 2.5.

It just increasingly looks like a collection ideas that didn’t fit in season 2 and season 3, loosely assembled.

Some of this is damn good. Some of it just doesn’t have a lot going on. But it’s all just sort of jumbled in.

This all would have worked better as a group of distinct specials, or what network TV used pitch as a “maxi series”.

2 hours for the story of the Tuscans with Fett. 2 hours on Fett taking over for Jabba. 2 hours on the Mandalorian and how he gets involved. With the escalating conflict with the Pykes as the runner.

You’d have the same run time and budget. It’d just all be so much more focused.

I mean he’s gonna live to be like 800. There’s no reason he can’t go bounty hunting for his tween years, then graduate to Jedi High.

That’s a really old trope with this sort of thing. The honorable thieves who don’t do drugs or human trafficking.

You see it a lot in Mafia movies. Where the heads are all “drugs bad!” but the Ray Liotta does it anyway and oo scandal. It’s completely untrue of course, actual traditional organized crime was much more “oh man, selling heroin to Black kids is so great! We should probably do more violent pimping though.”

The bigger problem here is that it’s unclear. We start with Fett basically trying to get paid to let the drugs move through Tuskan territory.

But now it’s about stopping the drugs?

When did that happen?


I dislike Luke Skywalker immensely. He was a jerk from day one ( day IV? ). I think the Jedi were evil. The Sith were also evil, granted, but they were two sides of the same coin. They were both extremes, both out of balance, both dominating and cold and ugly. Thousands of years of b.s. wars between mirror images. I think Ahsoka gets it, hopefully Grogu will too. Even Luke gets it now ( now IX? ), I guess.

It is my sincere hope that this is a way of saying that we can have a future Star Wars franchise without force-abuser stink in it as unpalatable protagonists. I still want a Hutt Sopranos show.

Anyway, Cad M- F- Bane. Who’s got money on Embo next?


Except he apparently doesn’t abide theft either, because he asked the Mod Squad to cut it out with the water theft. So what IS the source of his new syndicate’s income? He explicitly said “I’ve got plenty of credits…” but… HOW?


That one guy brought him a sandwich as tribute remember?

It’s not a protection racket. Cause after the train attack he stops with the “shame if something happened to it” part of the equation.

He’s not actually providing protection cause he’s got
no staff, and his big earner in what looked like a casino just got blowed up while he was somewhere else entirely.

It’s not mercenary or bounty work cause he’s getting too old for this shit.

It’s not Rancor pit fights cause the Rancor is cute now.


Yes I was very disappointed that Luke Skywalker chose to carry on the worst mistakes of his Jedi predecessors—like “separating children from loving families”—even though he knew from firsthand experience that those familial connections make Jedi BETTER.

It was the “no family connections allowed!” thing that turned Anakin to the dark side—first because abandoning his mother was what allowed her to be abducted and tortured to death by Sand People, then because he had to keep his marriage to Padme secret from the council.

Meanwhile Luke grew up in a stern-but-loving family environment and he turned out to make a fine Jedi even though his entire training program lasted a couple of weeks at most. Even more to the point, his connection with Leia helped save the Rebellion and his father’s unwillingness to see him electrocuted was what ultimately led to Palpatine’s downfall.

So yeah, of ALL people one would hope Luke would know that “no family” rule was bullshit.

@Ryuthrowsstuff I don’t think the writers had any idea what to do with Fett at all. They’re making him out to be simultaneously too gentle and merciful to be a successful crime lord and also a stone-cold mass murderer who killed dozens of his former coworkers just because they happened to be patrolling the palace where he left his spaceship.


He hunted for near 20 years, never spent a credit he didn’t need to. Invested it wisely. :wink: