'Book of Boba' week 4 review: wherein almost nothing outside the trailers happens

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Man, I re-watched the animated thing from the Christmas holiday special where Boba Fett made his first appearance and I really wish that animation team would do more Boba Fett cartoons!


No mention of the Thundercat cameo? for shame!

Stunt casting yawn

Yeah, he chose not to ask for his ship back because he thought that Bib might have said no. He murdered countless guards to get it, then immediately murdered guys on speeders who may or may not have been the individuals responsible for killing his tribe.

Then immediately afterwards he was telling Shand that he’d be a great crime boss because he’d be so smart:

It also didn’t explain what he meant when he said that Bib had “betrayed” him. Bib thought he was dead, and certainly wasn’t at fault for him falling into the Sarlacc… As far as I could tell Boba never had any interaction with Bib after the sail barge blew up, other than strolling in and killing him in cold blood.


He said he might not like the answer. I took that as Boba’s attempt at humor. But as he said later he wanted to remain dead until he got his armor back. Plenty of reasoning to not ask for his ship back.

Remember they originally wanted to stealth in and steal the ship. Killing the guards (who lets face it, you work for a crime lord you accept you may die randomly) was last resort once the poodoo hit the oscillator.

As for the biker gang there is no reason not to think they didn’t kill his tribe and deserved their revenge. The real question Boba needs to ask is why the Pykes betrayed him amd got word to the gang to deal with the sandpeople.

I had to look up who that guy was. Neat.

Also, EV-9D9! And a LEP service droid!

So this episode was sort of a filler one for me.

It didn’t make sense he went back to the sarlacc to look for the armor. Unless he blacked out and lost his memory of how he got out of the pit, he should have known he climbed out with it. I thought he would just go blow it up, like he had in the EU in the past.

I am also so confused with the time line. I thought there was about 5 years between RotJ and The Mandalorian. I don’t think he was in the sarlaac very long. At most, hours? Days? It couldn’t have been years, could it? So how long was he with the Tuskens? Was it 4-5 years? It did seem like a while since he learned their language and integrated with them as a warrior. I was estimating that was about a year or so. But with finding Fennec and getting his ship back, we know we are more or less caught up and he is about to find The Mandalorian and help out with Baby Yoda. (PS while having flash backs, it would have been some fan service to have an ESB era flashback. Just saying.)

At any rate, at the end, back at the present, they played the Mandalorian theme, so it is fairly clear we are looking at a team up. And there is buzz that Bryce Dallas Howard is supposed to direct and episode. And I guess last episode was the reveal that it was just the Pyke Syndicate that he has to worry about.

At this point it’s just best to assume he spent many years learning to be Dances With Banthas and the train heist/tribe killed/found Fennec all took place very close together. It does seem that TPTB haven’t really mapped out that timeline very well.

As for his armor, trauma seems to have affected his memory as to what happened with the sarlacc.

They are going to hire Mando – the Mando western flute was flying a flag enough. They can probably also hire BoKatan and ‘The Mandalorians’ – and Greef Kargo does run a bounty hunter base and dole out the jobs, so I’d imagine they have everyone they need to hire up a bunch of known people fans will be happy to see.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Cad Bane, at this point, as he is responsible for the dent in Boba’s helmet, and Boba didn’t have that banged out. I think we know Bane survived Boba’s shot too, because he faced off against Shand when trying to kidnap Omega. Bane, however, lives by a business is the business rule and would work for money – I would think it’d be a whole episode of reconciliation and flashbacks not serving to move the plot forward at all.

Fits perfectly!

I was unsold on Shand besting Cad Bane in the Bad Batch, but having seen live-action Fennec Shand, I think she is perhaps the only one more badass than Bane. We are getting close to Ventress levels of cool. Clearly, Boba and the Wookie are overhyped.

If Boba has all these credits, were they on the ‘Firespray?’ because he sure didn’t have them when he needed to go see the Pykes and get his family killed. Did Bib Fortuna keep them under his pillow? This is easier than going to Gringotts.

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I don’t think the Cad Bane/Boba duel is canon, since the scene was never published.

But yes, I would lose my shit if we got a live action Cad Bane. He really is one of the best Clone Wars characters. I love the subtle alteration they did with his voice.

Good questions how “Wallets” work in Star Wars. In the old West End RPG, there was supposed to be no physical paper or money in most respects. Everything was digital and datapads.

Maybe the wallet is attached to his armor. He had his chain code plugged into it, he may have his galactic banking account linked up that way.

Or, he always had it sitting in a space bank somewhere. He just didn’t have access to it while in the desert. :confused:

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that’s explained in the episode where it happened. they just don’t want to pay two sets of protection money

the only thing odd maybe is that we never see the bikers doing protection - they weren’t out there guarding the train or driving off sandpeople

unfortunately, the explanation there is just ( sorry ) lazy writing. they wanted to fridge the sandpeeps for drama and for their preexisting idea of boba’s story, they didn’t want to flesh out the mechanics of a crime syndicate and drive the story from there

We know that as an audience and Boba should too. The Pykes basically said “we won’t pay twice” and Boba said he would fix that for next time (i.e. Take care of the bikers) but clearly the Pykes betrayed Boba at that point and had the bikers kill the Tribe while he took the slow Bantha ride home. But my point is he needs to look past his anger and ask the question. Fennec’s ‘that doesn’t seem likely’ was not enough apparently.

I think it was more “pay us so WE don’t mess up your train” kind of protection. Not that they protected the train.

And lazy writing? Its star wars… Aint supposed to be that deep. Keep it pulpy, keep it serving the forward plot.

A Helmet Full o’ Credits


yes and no. in the real world, your local mafia is part and parcel of the crime. you’ve got the “protection” money rolling in from legitimate businesses, and you’re also the actual muscle to scare the cops and other gangs away.

you’re not just sitting at some bar roughing up luke’s friends.

wait? there’s a plot? i seriously forgot why boba is even doing any of this. :man_shrugging:

the mandalorian is a pulpy, samurai, western mashup. it’s not deep, but it is well written. every episode pushed the characters and the story forward. every episode showed us something new. barely a moment wasted - save for the droids killed my parents flashbacks.

fett is not nearly as well put together.

you can have well written star wars stories. and you can have poorly written ones too

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Guess we will just have to disagree. Outside of last weeks episode I have been happy and entertained by it all. (ep 3 just fell flat for the most part)

Fett has had plenty of giving us something new. Mostly at this point its been filling in the blanks between Jedi and Mando s2. You may not like it, but plenty of fans would be greatly upset to not know all this stuff. The flashbacks have now caught up so the final 3 episodes can be all ‘new stuff’ now so we will just have to see where it goes.

When I see statements like this I wonder if someone has even paying attention and/or why one even bothers watching.


im glad you’re finding it enjoyable. i like little tidbits like the rancor and whatnot, ive just been wanting more from it than i think it has to give.

the second episode was the only one ive actually enjoyed as a whole, and i did in fact give up with this latest one. i’ll probably go back and try again once the others are out.

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