'Book of Boba' week 4 review: wherein almost nothing outside the trailers happens

I do hope you come back to it and enjoy. It may end up being one of those shows that doesn’t work fully week to week but if you binge it all in one go it works better (or at least the cracks don’t show as much)

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I think some of the back and forth story telling will come together a bit better with a second watch, when the big picture is known now and you can both pick up missed details, and apply them in a different context.

They really didn’t need to go back and forth IMO. But since they did, I am trying to draw parallels to what Boba learned in the past and applied to the present.

From a story telling pov I think the back and forth was needed. Even without parallels you can’t leave off where they did at the end of Mando s2 and just go straight to flashback city. Without the present day story line to bookend it all the average viewer (which lets face it, us star wars nerds are never gonna be that) would probably get confused as to where we were in the greater timeline. My wife is one example. Until I pointed out to just ‘look what Boba is wearing’ she was constantly asking for reminders as to where we were.

Its also the first major SW property that has had more than half of its story told in flashback so I can see how some can be off put by it.

Ugh, if the majority of the story is going to be “how did we get here?” flashbacks anyway then I wish they’d just told the story chronologically.

As I’ve said before it would make way more sense if Boba spent several episodes building up the allies and resources to take over the syndicate and then the first season ENDED with the “Boba killing Bib Fortuna and sitting on the throne” scene.


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