Yet another Boba Fett trailer adds mere seconds of the retcon'd buffoon

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o_0 Are… are you just trying to make forehead veins pulse in my head with these headlines, @jlw ?

Disney+ is betting big on Boba Fett. I will watch it, because Star Wars, but I’m baffled as to how Boba suddenly became competent.

What do you mean “suddenly”? He was one of the 6 bounty hunters hand picked by Vader! He tracked the Millennium Falcon to Bespin and helped secure their capture! In the pre-Disney Extended Universe his ruthless and feared reputation as earned!

Anyone who has ever played an RPG for too long will know some crazy shit can happen with a critical success, a critical failure, and then a critical failure to recover or a GM who has a d100 chart to gauge just how bad a failure is (I personally love those). That is what happened at the sarlacc pit. A critical hit, a failure to avoid or dodge, and a bad roll on the fail chart leading to a jet pack malfunction.

But dig out the Dark Horse comics from the early 90s, he was very competent.


He rides a dinosaur.

A dinosaur.


Boba’s entire live-action life was watching his dad get his head lopped off, being told to stop vaporizing people or things, and then Boba was bumped into the Sarlacc pit by a weakened, blind human.

His cartoon history was that of a whinging bro except for one gunfight with Cad Bane where I am pretty sure he got lucky.

I mean he did meet Cad Bane and does share the genetics with a lot of cool people, but Boba is Boba.


Well his Clone Wars movie appearance wasn’t anything to write home about, but he was a kid (The actor, Daniel Logan, however, is fantastic with the fans.) His Clone Wars animated appearance he came off as an annoying and disaffected teenager - much like Ahsoka in the beginning. But we didn’t get to see the same level of character growth. (That duel with Cad Bane was scripted and mocked up, but never canon - obviously since he appeared in The Bad Batch. Shame, as it is a cool explanation of the dented helmet.)

He got done dirty by the heroes in RotJ. I’d have liked to see a more dignified demise as well - but again, crit hit, crit fail, crit fail - some of my best gaming moments have been because of random bad rolls. And so I see things like that in media much the same way.

But still, he was put up as a mysterious menace for the heroes to knock down.

ETA - yes I think he was in a bacta tank.

Yeah, who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Especially space dinosaurs!

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The anteater guy from the first movie basically did the same thing but he never got a spin-off show.


Until all this he sort of held the space of “Dr. Forrestal” of the Star Wars universe to me – but when they not only brought him back from the dead but made him an ultimate badass vs a blow-hard chump I felt something like a million voices shrug and say ‘again? whatever.’


The best Fettcon…


Took a while for Mando to warm up to Blurrgs.


In my headcanon I picture Boba’s riding lessons as equally whiny and comical.

I have spoken.

  1. He didn’t track anything, he just narced on where the Falcon and the heroes were.

  2. Snitches get stitches.

  3. Whataboutism aside, fine, give Garindan his own show.

Here - take my goat. Please! It’s clear you’re trying to get it!

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Question is: Is this bacta tank part of a sequence sorting out his story between RotJ and now, or is it just a fakeout and he gets injured in some new episode and has to bacta tank it?

Have they revealed which latex Star Wars baby puppet will co-star and be the real ratings draw? Baby Jar-Jar Binks maybe? Baby Admiral Ackbar perhaps?


The back from the dead thing definitely. Before that I kind of liked making him into a badass, because it just makes it more ridiculous he goes down by tripping into a giant sand pit. I had really though the whole point of The Mandalorian was to give his aesthetic to someone much cooler.


There is an entire story about how he isn’t even a Mandalorian – or is even less Mandalorian than “The Mandalorian” – but they just tossed that shit out the window for this. Basically, Jango was a thug who stole the armor, but to make it OK for Mando and Boba to become pals Boba had to be legit Mandalorian and even provide his blockchain Mando receive address to prove it.


Not so fast. First we need to shoehorn an explanation of young Garindan’s origins into a prequel movie, then have a whole story arc about his planet’s backstory in an animated series, and then a live-action show about the importance of the anteater mask in Kubazian culture. Only then will the stage be properly set for Garindan to get his own spinoff show.


Harry Dresden did that years ago. A reanimated zombie T Rex.



Star Wars: Tattle-tales of the New Republic





There are at least two of them just in Episode 8. Out of those two I’d definitely like to see a film about the “you can’t park here!” guy.