Boba Fett Week 3: Chrome don't get you home

I guess it’s still kind of nice to have an underground lair in a climate like Tatooine’s. Shady and cool.

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I just assumed that everyone who was working for Fortuna just high tailed it out after Boba’s hostile takeover (other than the two gammoreans) so thats why no one is around. Im sure most anyone who was present 5 years ago knew what kind of a jerk Boba was and didn’t want to work for him.

As for how Krrsantan snuck in, are we assuming a Wookiee can’t be stealthy? And perhaps that electro knuckler works like a phone book… All damage no evidence :wink:

But yes, SW has always been pretty bloodless for the most part. Off the top of my head you had the arm off in the cantina, charred aunt and uncle the wampa lair. Luke’s hand off got cauterized right away. No blood on Jango decapitation. Blaster shots seem all bloodless. Even when Chewie ripped off some arms in Solo I don’t recall any blood.

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Rodriguez is the show runner, a title that indicates a person runs the writers room and has script control. While Favereau has the “written by” credit, they have at least one credited staff writer. Noah Kloor.

Between that and directing directing duties, and overseeing editing.

In terms of overall plotting, structure and what we see on screen its likely on Rodriguez. Even if he didn’t script it himself and Favreau is responsible for the broad plots and outline.

I’d usually go to bat on “It’s Favreau’s baby” on The Mandalorian, since so many seem to give all credit to Filoni. Who’s not in the point position except in regards to the episodes he writes, even as he’s a key part of it.

But the presentation on this one, even from Favreau is that Rodriquez is doing it.

I am mostly just looking for a plot that hangs. And doesn’t spend too much time over explaining things that aren’t pertinent or rehashing things we know.

I’m on board for things to come together in the end.

But I’m gonna point out where what they’ve left running to do that aren’t great.

They took a big piece off the table with the Tuskens. Not just for potentially fleshing out the conflict, but in terms of one of the more interesting world building things they’ve been doing.

For the sake of well worn, and not very encouraging trope. One that a lot of people saw coming and called out with a “please don’t”. Killing off your indigenous people analogue to motivate the main character. Is just not a great sign here.

Much else that’s going on is likewise kind of standard “crime bosses” stuff.

It probably is just the Pykes. And the Tuskens were there to provide a basis for that conflict. The mayor as well. The Hutts as a red herring.

The Mandalorian itself is also pretty basic, and straight forward in it’s plotting. But that works, and is actually refreshing these days. Because it isn’t really dangling pieces out there, or following a genre that’s typically twisty and turny.

And as goes execution. With Fett, not a lot has happened in all this. The Hutts show up. They make a threat. They tell Fett what’s going on. And they leave.

The Mayor and his goon. Show up. Make a threat. Tell Fett what’s going on. And they leave.

Fett’s main action in all this. Is go to place. Talk to guy.

That’s not exactly thrilling. It would be fine so long as there was something else going down. Like the last episode where it was basically a framing device for the flash backs. But we abandoned that structure in this episode. And we removed a chunk of what it might be setting up later. The Tuskens are now at least partially off the table. Reintroducing them is now more complicated.

Actually fit really well. Even as Stephen Rooty as he was.

Trejo also fits just about perfectly as a rancor trainer. He some how managed to strike exactly the tone you’d expect from the very brief exposure to the guy in the OT. He looks threatening, but he’s just all “man Rancors are cute, pet it.”

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I’m not asking for R-rated gore, just a little bit of plausibility. The idea that Boba walks away from that beat-down without so much as a bruise or limp really ruins the idea that Wookiees are supposed to be super strong and tough. Would it have been too much to ask that he spit out a couple loose teeth after getting brass knuckles to the face? They could fix him later with droid teeth or whatever. (Apparently they’ve established that off-the-shelf droid parts work fine as medical prosthetics now.)


Mods iiiiiin spaaaaaaaaace… new and improved with more hovering.

This is becoming just a sloppy dog’s breakfast. But hey we finally got Danny Trejo!

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Anyone else get serious Spy Kids vibes from that chase scene?

I kept waiting for Carmen and Juni to pop out…


I mean he was completely soaked in Bacta.

I absolutely don’t think that’s what they were going for. But it would have been fun if they did.

True. Maybe everyone should go into battle wearing these things for Wolverine-style healing abilities.


I was thinking more in the vein of being generically juiced up in a vaguely Wookie defeating kind of way.

Like those innernets dudes who snort creatine before a workout.

Even the fruit Pasquasi smashes his speeder into is a callback. Meiluuron or whatever from Rebels episode 1 or 2 where Zeb and Ezra become friends.


I mean, that whole sequence was a giant “upsetting the apple cart” and “watch out for the guys crossing the street with a huge pane of glass” trope. :man_shrugging:


The painting was Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork too.


It also seemed like one of the slowest vehicle chase scenes I’ve seen on film lately. At times it looked like maybe they sped up the footage slightly here and there because they knew how slow it looked. Then there’s the whole thing at the end of the chase where Boba flies in with his jet pack just to remind us “oh yeah, he can fly! There was never any chance of that guy getting away in his slow hover-car and the whole chase we just watched was pointless.”

I wonder if the issue was that they had to film the whole thing indoors in that virtual set with the LED screen background and there just wasn’t enough space to have their fake vehicles move around at a reasonable speed?


Right? I mean, when the guy with the eye-patch rides up the wall sideways and gravity decided to take five so he wouldn’t fall off? :man_shrugging:

Every single Star Wars movie in the first two trilogies had one or more characters lose a limb. Anakin was turned into a limbless sith-kabob. I think it would have been fine to have a smattering of fake blood to show that Wookiee bites can break the skin.

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Perhaps the secret of Black Kryssantan is that the Wookie is very stealthy but weak.

He was gonna kick Boba Fett’s ass but Boba isn’t very good at much. He got sarlaac’d by a blinded barely in control of his own motor functions guy, Had his entire tribe killed behind his back, and really just isn’t so impressive fighting alone. Maybe he’s a stealthy lightweight for a Wookie and sneaks around like a ninja in the dark.

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Not to mention a scene in Solo, which is even more topical:


I honestly thought the resolution for that fight was that they were going to just leave him downstairs as the replacement monster in the rancor pit but I guess he would have been pretty ineffective considering he couldn’t even take out an unarmed guy sleeping in a jacuzzi.


I thought it would be hilarious to have left him in there for a while, like a live version of Han in the carbonite. Fuck with me and I keep you on display like a pet.


Same. It would lend some much-needed cred to Boba’s rep as a crime lord if his would-be assassins were forced to eat each other. Plus it would make more sense than the hutts doing a 180 and sending over an apology rancor like 3 hours after the assassination attempt.