Boba Fett week 2 review: you know, for kids!

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Also still wearing the exact same outfits as they did at least four years earlier, and continuing to hang out specifically at Tosche Station.


Maybe they need to grab a magic lizard, trip balls and get a stick.


Was I the only one who noticed the Spaceballs reference? I can’t find a screenshot but at one point you could see that at the Tusken camp they had a couple of large rake-like things, with a bantha pulling one through the sand. Maybe they were supposed to be looking for black melons or whatever but I couldn’t help thinking it was an homage to this:


« You know, for kids! »

Thanks for for bringing back the Hudsucker Proxy, I really loved that movie.


So many creative people in the world with nothing to do since productions have shut down, and we are being served reheated soup.


Hey, the only good part of Solo was the train heist with Woody “not quite Han Solo” Harrison, glad they did it again.


I have a feeling A New Hope remake is near the top of Disney’s ideas.

That was the very first thing they did with the franchise. What do you think The Force Awakens was?

(But yeah, they’ll probably remake it as many times as possible as long as it remains profitable.


How else would we recognize them?

As someone from small towns, your choice of watering holes is usually pretty slim. And a lot of times in larger towns, people stick to the same, familiar local bars.

I DID notice the rake! I was like, “What was that for? Hiding foot prints?” If it was a Spaceballs homage, I say, “Brilliant!”

Interestingly, the characters of the Mayor and his Majordomo now seem fairly useless and uninteresting, as clearly the powers Boba and Fennic will contend with are not them.

I mean, I think it is a little early to count them out just yet. Or was this tongue in cheek? Pretty sure they did hire the assassins. This Mayor (voiced by Robert Rodriguez) knows how the city is run. There are going to be multiple factions vying to fill the power vacuum. We haven’t even gotten to the trailer scene where they are having a discussion with all the crime bosses at a long table.

The second episode was significantly better than the first. The first was ok, but the 2nd one wowed me. I am not up on all the EU minutia that the new comics and books are putting out there, but I am glad they are mining it.

Another thing to point out is the appearance of the Pykes, who were in the Clone Wars cartoon and Solo.

Digitally de-aging the original actors like they did with Luke in that Mandalorian episode, I suppose. Either that or adding some clunky dialogue where they call each other by name.

“Fixer, I’m so tired of this dump! Why don’t we try someplace nice for once?”
“I’m not made of credits, Camie.”

But yeah, keeping the same outfits is very on-brand for the franchise.

Great vid!

Product tie-in:

“Let’s go some place fancy, like Space Applebees.”

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Funny… I made a joke that the cantina is now a Houlihans.

It’s a very fine line between homage and pale imitation. I know Westerns influence is all over Star Wars but seriously a fucking train? And why didn’t the Tuskens just, you know, go 20 yards that way over the next dune ridge instead of lining up to get slaughtered.


Since the Tuskens are portrayed as indigenous people, you’re asking why any indigenous population let themselves get slaughtered or lose their land. History has shown that there generally aren’t good outcomes for indigenous people once the colonizers decide they want to use native land.

Nope, I’m asking why they wouldn’t have made a smarter tactical decision in the moment. Instead of saying hmmm, the last 12 times this train came through here we lost 10 of our people and a bantha, but line up with those rifles because this time it’ll be different.

I think the point isn’t to say that they weren’t victims of a slaughter, but more like “hey, if these guys are not complete fools (clearly they weren’t) and they know that they’re about to get shot at, why aren’t they doing the minimum, obvious actions that they could do in order to make themselves a more difficult target? Why did they need a white savior to suggest something as basic as ducking behind the dead bantha?

If anything that episode was kinda disrespectful of indigenous peoples because it suggested that they needed someone like Boba to come along and teach them some very basic tactics. I liked it better when they were kicking his butt and making him look like a fool who had no idea how to survive out in the desert.


Bad CGI? Little kids? Clumsy fan service? Someone obviously let George Lucas back into the process.

We’re talking about Boba Fett fans. They’ve been waiting for this for decades. They wouldn’t care if the soup is cold and salvaged from a dumpster just before garbage day.

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One thing that was a pleasant surprise with The Mandalorian is the respectful portrayal of the Sand People and we continue to see that here apart from what i think is a misstep last week where they apparently just kidnap people and tie them up with no water to dig out black melons?

They kinda sidestep this issue though because the actor playing Boba is Maori and he’s aiding them but it often seems like they are the ones saving him.

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