Boba Fett week 2 review: you know, for kids!

True, it could be worse, but the whole story with the Tuskans so far has serious Dances With Wolves vibes. And even if he’s not Caucasian he certainly looked pretty damn pale in a lot of those scenes.


So it’s not actually a train as there’s no tracks, they call it a “long speeder”.

The other thing is that what we see is the Tuskens are doing something, it’s implied to be something they need. When the speeder comes up on them unexpectedly and starts shooting.

That’s pretty much something that has actually happened. With regards to campaigns to eradicate Bison in US. With people shooting them en masse from trains.

If memory serves you had situations where Native Americans would seek the buffalo out, because they needed to. And then get attacked as part of the eradication. Otherwise you have attacks on the train that had been cut through their lands, in order to prevent it.

You can poke holes in practically any story by saying “well why didn’t they just not do the plot”.

Why didn’t Obi-Wan go find Luke earlier? Before the situation got worse. Why didn’t the Eagles just fly the Hobbits to Mt. Doom? Why didn’t Jerry just slaughter Newman like a fattened hog and dance in his blood under the gibbous moon?

But given the subtle as a brick real thing they’re referencing here. That’s a bit more “ugggh” than your average non-plot hole nit pick.


You’re going to argue that point? The Tuskans called it a long speeder (which I attributed to limits in translation and their vocabulary) but Boba never called it that, and used the word “train” to describe it at least 5 separate times in the episode. The thing was clearly a train.

Even on earth there are trains without tracks. They cross the Australian outback all the time.

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The Tuskan’s are Fremen, the train is a sandworm. Boba is Mua’dib.


You just offered the only plot device that might convince me to watch Seinfeld


The Star Wars universe in general seems to have an aversion to finding cover :confused: Never mind hitting something from a moving target or vice versa would be incredibly difficult. If they were able to find cover behind a dune, the train should have been a rude annoyance, not an actual threat. If they could just hunker down for 5 min while it zipped by, then there wouldn’t be the problem in need of a solution to move the story along.

And why a train speeder vs shuttle transport? I guess a train makes sense if they wanted to fly literally under the radar for transporting spice… but still, you can’t think about the why toooo hard. Just like with most action shows.

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Aint nothing subtle like a train full of assholes shooting at natives they could have just sped by. Nothing says “Don’t look at me” like a blaster bolt in a bantha’s face.


I forgot the “train” bit. But fact remains. There isn’t really a reason to believe it’s running a route that fixed. Or even all that predictable a schedule. It’s smuggling spice after all.

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I mean, if we are drawing real world analogies, they did that with buffalo and trains.

I wonder what caliber of laser rife they were using where a single shot would take down a bantha but only cause minor damage to a speeder bike engine.


While running illegal drugs and trying to avoid scrutiny, which was the posed theory for why a floating train vs a cargo spaceship?

Are you calling the single and clearly not giant herd of bantha the buffalo, or the Tuskens?


I guess they figured they were in the middle of nowhere and why not take highly accurate pot shots at what the Pykes considered dumb animals and uncivilized brutes?

I mean, looking at modern drug smugglers who get caught for dumb traffic infractions or attention causing behaviors, it isn’t too surprising. They grew up watching Space Goodfellas, and now instead of doing cool gangster shit, they are baby sitting spice runs on some god forsaken desert planet.

But yeah - like I said, it overall is a plot contrivance.

Except for the fact that the leader guy from the train explicitly said

That would be an odd thing to say if they traveled a totally different path every time.


I don’t usually click on media analysis videos, but I did for some reason and I like what they had to say.

Maybe it is searching for meaning that isn’t there, but given the duo story lines so far, it makes sense. The analysis was just from ep1, but ep 2 seems to follow the same path.

“Route” means a rigid pathway and schedule analogous to a train?

That’s an assumption based on being, frankly, a space train.

I worked a sales route, where I literally never drove the same path day to day.

But this pure semantics. There’s nothing on the screen to indicate that thing should be expected, or that the Tuskens do. A large part of the reason why the sequence is constructed that way, is so that the audience doesn’t. Hey look “space train!” doesn’t automatically mean the floaty bit flying above a desert planet, operated by smugglers no less. Operates exactly like a real world freight train.

There’s nothing particularly clever in inventing reasons they shouldn’t have been there. Without bothering to think about why they might be there in first place, or what the show is actually trying to convey. Media is contrived. Star Wars especially.

I like the stories when he’s older, retires and opens up a nice little shop.




I’m enjoying it a lot.


For kids to use… or to use on kids?