Genderswapped Boba Fett cosplayer


…The kind of bounty hunter my heart needs!

More like Boba Fitt, Amirite?

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she can Surreptitiously fall in my Sarlacc pit anyday.

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On a related note, a local group by the name of Geekenders is doing the whole original trilogy, one at a time, re-imagined as fully scripted comedy/burlesque plays at the Rio theatre here in Vancouver. The first one sold out the place every night. The Empire Strips back is on this weekend.

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How do we know the original Fett was male? I’m not much of a trekkie, but I don’t remember anything specific in the movie.


He had a very male voice the few times we heard him, and he was talked about with ‘he’, ‘his’ as the pronouns people referred to him with.

Plus we see him as a child in the prequels, he’s basically a Clone Trooper minus the accelerated aging, given to Boba’s “father”/DNA-source Jango Fett as part of his payment for letting his DNA be used to make the republic’s cloned army.


Boba Fette

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Ooo boy. I don’t know where to start.


Teddy bear, you just got nerd-sniped.


Hands off, she’s mine!

I saw a similarly attired cosplayer near Disneyland earlier this year, except that her frilly dress was red and gold and her helmet modeled after Tony Stark’s. Embarrassingly, it was much later in the day when I finally put together Iron Maiden.


Not just gender-swapped, but role swapped as well. Except for the helmet nothing suggests that this is a bounty hunter.


He hasn’t being genderswapped, he has being turn into a "Disney Princess"®.

A real genderswapped Fett would be no different than the regular Fett, just slightly wider hips, nothing more.


Love her helmet,want to get one!


Mandalorian women wear the same armor as Mandalorian men, work the same jobs, and fulfill the same roles. This is their culturally accepted and expected behavior. Calling a female Mandalorian “delicate” is considered an insult, for crying out loud.

Consequently, not only is putting one in a dress imposing our own culture’s senseless gender stereotypes on another people, but it would also probably end in violence.


Boobs too.

Good point. I don’t remember Fett ever talking at all, but I haven’t really studied the canon the way I should have.

Also, I’m kind of enjoying the rage up above. How dare a woman wear feminine gender markers? Next let’s have a fight about whether female dwarves have beards!


Not really seeing the “rage”, but, there was loads of rage on BoingBoing over this:

My apologies; I can’t find the overly-pink image that made so many people mad. EDIT: Here we go.

On Clone Wars, at least some of the women’s armor is slightly different from the men’s.

Bo-Katan, ass-kicking Mandalorian voiced by Katee Sackhoff. I have to confess that I didn’t recognize her voice until I heard it through the helmet, and then immediately thought, “Hey, holy shit, that’s Starbuck!

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“She’s the kind of bounty hunter our galaxy needs!”

The kind that can’t be killed by a blind man with a stick?