The overwhelming glee of a woman enjoying her new Chewbacca mask


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She’s awesome



Poor Ben Solo was traumatized by having a wookie for an uncle.


Another responsible gun owner


That woman just sold a thousand of those things!


Wow. Racist much?

And that mask works surprisingly well. Toys are so good now.

Look at this crap from the mid 90s. I still don’t have it in my collection, but OMG - so bad. HALF a mask? Seriously?


Chewbacca to a small adolescent is like a bipedal unintelligible grizzly bear!

Sure he means well and is a big softee, but he is scary looking to small eyes. Like how adults are (usually) unafraid of clowns and people dressed up like Mickey Mouse, but small children are terrified of them.


Not as bad as the Boba Fett costume I had as a kid, back when The Empire Strikes Back came out. I found this picture that gives some idea of what it was like. The mask was pretty much see-through. And yet it impressed other kids and even some adults. One guy looked at me, said, “Whoa!” and dumped a bowl of candy in my bag.

As a side note it’s cute that the Chewbacca mask makes noises but I get a bigger kick out of hearing her laugh.


I really, really needed this today. Thank you. That laughter was infectious.


Her laugh pretty much makes my day, though I do wonder (and not, suspiciously, just out of curiosity), just what it is in her that makes that mask seem so very delightful.


Who wants in on my kickstarter for masks of this lady that laugh infectiously when you open your mouth?


My guess is she’s watching herself on her phone as she records and there’s that one moment where she sees herself laughing and then she just can’t stop. That was the moment I had to turn it off because I was actually laughing out loud at work! I’ll watch it about 100 times tonight when I get home. :slight_smile:


The Farce is strong in this one.


man, her delight is definitely delightful. she should get a commission.


She is wonderfull. I really needed that after a shitty week.


Wunnerful! Wunnerful! Haven’t stopped laughing.



I find that enthusiasm is very attractive.


It says “Boba Fett” right on the belt! Can’t get more authentic than that!


My boyfriend has a bit of that going on – he’s well over 6’, with a full beard, and can appear quite grumpy if you don’t know him. He’s even been nicknamed ‘Chewie’ by some of his co-workers. He’s also been known to scare small children, albeit unintentionally! (Until they learn he’s a big softee, of course.)