The 'best' Chewbacca impressions these 100 people could muster up on demand

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I can do a pretty decent Chewie, the part most people have trouble with is being able to vibrate their uvula while making the sound.


Fans of Star Wars can undoubtedly hear what Chewbacca, the most notable of all the Wookiees, sounds like in their heads. But could they do a decent impression of him on demand?

Let’s be clear…the majority of the 100 people they picked if not all of them are clearly NOT Star Wars fans.

I am not saying fans of star wars inherently have mastered a Chewie impression; but they wouldn’t need to be asked repeatedly “Do you know who Chewbacca is?” or say repeatedly “What/How do you make that sound?”

This is merely a variant of the late night talk show bit of asking “random people on the street” political questions and then declaring “The average person in XYZ city doesn’t know ABC and therefore they are all idiots”.

no. just no. stop it. you are not helping. although, in this case I suppose it is mildly humorous.

I thought it would be funnier…like the video of the lady wearing the chewie mask.

My wife’s girlfriend could emulate Chewbacca’s growl with uncanny precision. I mean, spot-on.

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