Watch Adam Savage build Chewbacca's bandolier


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Gives away little boxes, cuts up wookie purse. Some of us have Wookie chap-stick and nowhere to put it Adam.


You don’t keep the gray at bay for 30 years in between trilogies with just a comb.


They’re not wookiee treat boxes. They are wookie condom holders. Each box holds 1 wookie sheath. XXXXXXXXXXXXL. The little boxes are for lube.


Help me out, @Mister44. I can’t be the only nerd here who remembers that Wookiee has two Es.


Before I learned to spell properly, I was disappointed to find out that wookiees didn’t live in the Wookey Hole Caves.

35 years later, I think I am still disappointed.


I just can’t get enough of Youtube videos of talented people building/making stuff!


Yep. Two "ee"s.

Though you boned the opportunity to say “Help me, Mister.44, you’re my only hope.”


So, looking at wookiepedia

I see this:

WTF is that supposed to mean?


I think I prefer the videos where Savage designs the prop, rather than duplicating one he already has.


I have the same problem with most cosplayers. That’s really neat stuff but I’d like to see them do their own stuff.


This is the biggest complaint I hear from the older generation of fen; when literature defined fandom, science fiction movies were a rare treat.

Now that every other big blockbuster is science fiction, conventions are a completely different experience. For those who miss it, I totally understand the nostalgia. But if this is the price of living in yesterday’s future, I’m OK with it.


Am I the only one who cringed when he drilled into those boxes after having already sealed them up?

For as long as those props exist, that empty void will have just a little bit of aluminum shavings rattling around inaide.


Wookiees like to snack on Aluminum shavings?


It’s not just that. I really like hearing about the research aspect of prop making. Here, he assembles a prop kit that was made to specs reverse engineered from the original "Hero Blaster"

And this one day build was about designing a prop from minimal reference material.


Don’t get me wrong that’s cool. Adam is a bad example, but I get frustrated to some people who seems to don’t have any imagination of their own.
Don’t mind me, I’m just grumpy and sick of Star Wars.


Just as one can never forget: it’s Kashyyyk, not Kashyk.


When Adam had to re-do the snapbelt, did anyone else find the need to scream:
###***“Not a god, but a man!!”***

No? So, it was just me?


I don’t know if this is the canonical pronunciation, but in my head I remember it by treating the second Y as a consonant.



Some may think you are taking this far too seriously.

Not me though. :clap: