Adam Savage and John Hodgman cosplay as 'Twobacca' at Comic-Con

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Looks like fun, but must be sweaty hot in that suit.

Hmmm. . . two Chewbaccas. . .

But, did they chew tobacco?

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No, they chose toboggans.

'Snuff said.

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Aren’t you a little short for a wookie?


i NEED those boots.

Adam always has so much FUN doing these things, it’s palpable. John Hodgman is a worthy sidekick as well. Kudos, gentlemen.

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Y’all catch his other recent vid?

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At an Anime Con they’re twobakas.

Aren’t you a little short, to be a Wookie?

Adam has said that they’re relatively comfortable as the main part of the suit is mesh with the hair tied to it. If you get real close, you can actually see through it. Breathes quite well. the only part that’s hot is the headpiece…


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