Shredding Wookiee


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i hope peter mayhew has seen this. so awesome.


Got the bandolier, but no bowcaster!


Radical Wookie!



He is quite the rebel.



Picks up the droids in a bar where a Jedi has been,
What does it mean?
Waits at the spaceport,
Keeping his hair in a cargo-bay under the floor,
Who is it for?

All the lonely Ewoks…



Chewbacca think him cool, but him not…


He loaned it to Han

@Shirley_LeGitte That is incorrect. Was that Yoda?!


for the Yoda quote, it’d go: “Cool he thinks he is, but not cool is he.”


I wouldn’t say it at all. (your translation seems accurate, though)

I don’t own a single picture of myself that’s cooler than that, for one thing. Also, I got over crapping on people to raise my status in middle school.


Yeah. I just had to go with the language pedant angle.


Nah, historian. BTW, that’s gotta be hot as hell. I think I can imagine exactly how fun it is to be a wookie in the summer.


He never seemed to break a sweat on Tatooine

He even went back there to save Han.


Yeah, but he didn’t necessarily like it. I wonder if he would turn blonde. Man, poor Mayhew out in Tunisia…


I read it as “shedding” and it still made sense.


Misread the title…
Expected something like this

Edit: d’oh, @Marktech beat me to it…


He has much to learn.


I dunno. The fur has to be awful hot. Wouldn’t snowboarding be a better choice?


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