My sister made a Chewbacca piñata costume


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Just call it “paper craft Chewbacca”.


That’s freaking rad!
If I had time and $$$, I’d do something similar, but with brown fleece strips sewn to the jacket & sweatpants instead of paper… Hmmm…


Oh that would be good. Or felt.

If you use cotton that frays it could double as a ghillie suit.


Might make it faster to grommet the strips on instead of sewing them? The grommets would be hidden pretty well under subsequent layers of Chewie shag.


Keep awayfrom open flames.


Or kids with baseball bats.


Depends on the grommet tool, I think.


Where’s the onomatopoeia in that?


Can Christina make a grapefruit tree costume? It doesn’t need to produce fruit. If some of the leaves fall off on breezy days, that’s OK.


I really like the concept. It would be great to match it with R2 And C3po done the same way.
My very brave son is headed back to college, and will enter the campus costume contest in full viking regalia (but with a training sword), including a wolf skin cloak, made from a real wolf.


What are the chances???

Edit: that kid is in for double trouble – forgot about this…


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