Be a Minecraft creeper this halloween, $13

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There is literally like maybe an hours work in making that silly thing.

Here’s a creeper head my wife made for our grandson last year. She’s a quilter so her first choice is always to make things from fabric. I used foam core to make the inner structure.

As a bonus, after Halloween was over, she removed the foam board and stuffed it with fluff. Now he has a big pillow to lean on when he reads in bed.


Wow. Fantastic! The conversion to pillow is great as well!

There was a DIY creeper costume in my 6-year-old son’s most recent issue of Chirp, or Chickadee magazine (I can’t remember which). He is HOOKED on the iPad version of Minecraft, so I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m going to be making for him for his Hallowe’en costume. Shouldn’t be too hard to do, since he isn’t quite as big as the dude that did the DIY one linked in the OP.

I went as Minecraft Steve to a Halloween party last year. It’s actually a bad idea since you have to take off the head to drink or socialize easily. So, this might be perfect for shy youngsters or introverted recovering alcoholics.

I dressed my husband as Solid Snake one year just by putting him in fatigues and sticking a box on his head. Same concept. :wink:

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I was planning to be the other kind of creeper, standing a little too close to the kids with candy in my clammy hands…

One of my children was a Santa Creeper last Hallowe’en:

The other was Herobrine, i.e. Steve plus glowing white eyes. What was awesome was hearing kids see him from the back, and say “Look, it’s Steve” but then he’d turn around and they’d say “No it’s HEROBRINE!” He had succeeded in being a scary monster for Hallowe’en!

Printing these out on a color printer and gluing them to a box was awfully low-effort. We had to stick towels and stuff in the inner corners to keep the box from rattling around.

I also made a couple of Minecraft torches out of small flashlights, which meant I could identify my children a block away in the dark. Recommended.


Seriously, if someone in a creeper costume sneaked up behind me and played that god-damned crack-hissssssss noise they make, I might find myself responsible for hacking them to death with a twig!

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