Skull face tube mask

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Perhaps cut the mask in half?


Apparently you don’t have to, because that’s the kind of thing only a monster would say.


@brainspore took the words out of my mouth. I can not believe Mark @frauenfelder - the MAKER GUY - does not do Halloween because of “uncomfortable clothes and make up”. This is like finding out Santa isn’t real all over again.

First off one would think the Makers Spirit would carry over to the most fun holiday of the year and result in the most kick ass costumes one can imagine. But ok, you’re a busy guy, maybe you don’t want to spend too much time on frivolous things. A little bit of forethought, a trip to Goodwill a vintage clothing store, or ebay and you can come up with a cheap costume requiring no make up and wearing more or less regular clothes.

Examples - Jeans, plaid shirt, knit hat, axe - lumber jack! Get a blue ox plushie - bam - Paul Bunyan. Kid could go as Babe the Blue Ox instead.

Get an old suit and a fedora, add an old gold class ring or two, and a fake or real cigar to chomp on and practice saying “Yeah, see, its all over for yez.” - bam - old timey gangster. Kid can go as a flapper girl or Agent Carter.

Lab coat and some sort of science apparatus like a beaker - bam - scientist. Ad fake blood spray and medical mask, and like a vet sized syringe - bam - mad scientist. Carry a Frankenstein’s monster plushie - bam - Dr Frankenstein. Kid could go as Igor.

Go for humor - get a Mandarin style shirt, a red fire helmet (toy one is ok), and a cordless drill - bam - Chinese Fire Drill.

Togas! The most most comfortable clothes ever! Get a Toga and one of many accessories and be any Greek/Roman God you want. From Atlas with an old globe, to Zeus with a foil wrapped card board lightning bolt, to Bacchus, with fake grape vines around your shoulders, and either a fancy goblet - or just bring a box of wine with you. And some small cups. You will be the most popular person with the neighbors. Kids can be any one of the many gods with you.

I hope this inspires you before the Pumpkin King finds out about this.


The Chinese fire drill never even occurred to me.

Asian in a cashier’s uniform - bam - Chinese checker. :smile_cat:

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I love play on word or pun costumes.

Cat costume with a bag of lemons - sour puss.

Wear a suit, Nixon mask, bag of potatoes - Dick-tater.


He could go as Maker’s Mark.


Or dress in all white, carry a sharpie for people to write on you and you are a bathroom wall.


Also, you’d be a week early.

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