The Lowcostcosplay guy can literally cosplay anything and be great at it

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Um, yeaaaaaaah.


That’s really clever work.


Pure gold. Love the fierce look.


Popeye’s chin FTW!


8/8 would r8 again


Cosplay on a Dime dude; I’ve seen his creations before, he’s awesome.


Not all of them are great, but they are all very creative.

I one time made my brother a Green Lantern Costume with black shirt and pants, a green shirt with the sleeves pinned, and a paper GL symbol on the chest. I think I had a plastic power ring too.

Also - obligatory costume pics.

First prize at work.

ETA - that was with crappy ass grease paint. I am going to get real face paint like you get at the fair next time.

I have a ghost pirate somewhere… not sure where those pics are…


Totally brilliant. The Pinhead costume just about killed me, and I love his overripe banana anime sword.

Are costume pics obligatory? Ok, here’s me as Moley from Wind in the Willows at an outdoor event.
Old overalls: free
Two sets of fingerless gloves: $3 or so
Costume glasses from Zenni Optical: $10
Actual mining hat: $8 on eBay
Fake teeth: made by a friend for free
Homemade foam-and-duct-tape shovel: like $5 of plumbing equipment


Clever use of a kitten as a fierce World of Warcraft beast.


? We usually source that stuff from legit theatrical makeup companies. Its usually available at better (ie real, non-seasonal non-mall) costume shops, easy to find online. And anywhere that sells makeup for actual make up artists. I was unaware they carried it at “the fair” the fair by me typically sells smoke bombs, funnel cake, signs that entertain middle aged moms, and tickets to ride a poorly maintained gravitation.


Mehron is what you need. Spreads on like butter and you can use fixative spray (I hear baby powder works too) to keep it from smearing too much. It’s expensive but a little goes a long way and it coats so well. Comes off best with baby wipes and soap & water.


Er - you get your face painted at the fair, like a butter fly or something, not buy make up/face paint there.

Huh… The face paint I was looking into because it dries and won’t rub off like the grease make up does. I don’t know if I like the concept of butter on my face - that is what the grease make up is like.


AHHHHH. So far as I know you don’t want the stuff face painters use. Its pretty bad for the skin and comes off easily. I know some one who does that occasionally, they pick their product for low cost. You’re better off looking at screen make-up companies (which cross over a lot with standard cosmetics) and online costuming stores.


Ah, gotcha. Yeah, Mehron doesn’t dry on your face so that it won’t crack. It’s a step up from greasepaint in terms of coverage and quality. I forget the brand name but I think the stuff you’re looking at goes on very thin but has that dry, almost airbrushed look and comes off with alcohol.

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Holy shit. He gets the 2016 Real Meme participation trophy ribbon. Four-panel photo-gag format combined with the dumb-down-the-gag-ness of Bushmiller’s Nancy and pop culture. If he does That Girl on September 8th and then just milks 50th anniversaries of Gen X re-run shows every two to three months he’ll eventually retire to a private island.

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