Check out this amazing DIY turtle costume

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Deep down inside we all want to be a Turtle.


And here is the finished piece, worn by the guy on the right.

Thanks, I couldn’t tell who was wearing the costume otherwise.


For obscure cosplay one person could be George Orr.

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theres some uncanny valley creepy happening there

Doesn’t look like Mitch McConnell at all.


Nice! (Though I’d be sorely tempted to add some elephants and a disc-shaped map to the back…)

That’s some serious craftsmanship, but those kinds of floor mats are actually the material of choice for cosplayers (that, and Worbla, I suppose). Apparently it hits the right balance of price and material properties that make it both durable and easy to work with.

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I was sure when I opened this, that I would find a picture of Moscow Mitch. LOL!


Moscow Mitch would be more like it.

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You wax poetic.

Does Mitch strike you as an even slightly DIY sort of turtle?

His only acquaintance with manual labor is carrying metaphorical water for people even more plutocratic than he is.

Showdown! Furries vs Leatheries.

I’m very impressed by the Leatheries entrant.

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