Injured turtle outfitted with Lego wheelchair


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The internet cries out for a Robocop/turtle mashup! If only I could come up with a catchy name. . . .

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I was fully expecting to see Mitch McConnell’s exoskeleton.

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The first Lego post I’ve found worth reading.


Hooray for the tortoise and it’s inventive caretakers! But I’m hoping that this is a really extroverted box turtle, because it looks like the braces that extend forward past the hinge in its plastron would prevent it from pulling the front legs and head inside. Recovery is often painful, and I know the little guy won’t have to cope with predators for a while, but sometimes a tortoise just needs it’s privacy!


Welp, now I’ve seen everything. I can die now. Turtle power!


Frightening indeed.


I still say they should give him a jetpack.

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