How to not lose your pet turtle as he roams around the house: balloon on a string


Turtle plots revenge on hoo-mon for indignites.


No Dreamcast?

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In related turtle news, a few months back a 1.5 foot common snapper walked (with surprising speed) across my front patio in these southern Indiana burbs.

Given the dangerousness of the surroundings I took her (in a dog crate, and eliciting only a few scary snaps) to the Ohio and opened the door and stood there for like ten minutes watching her motionless. Then she slowly crept out, looked around, and made a beeline for the water.

Eerily beautiful, really, seeing such an ancient sight, her shell eventually disappearing beneath lapping waves. This was a member of a genus that’s been around since the Cretaceous and a family that’s retained its body plan since the Triassic.


Hey this is all fun and games until your pet turtle floats out an open window.


Then it will be turtles all the way up.


Thats going to be a lot of helium in the long run, maybe use one of those remote control car antenna straws and a flag instead?

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Nah, just train your pet parrot to sit on the shell and squawk when you yell.
Or more sensibly, train your dog to find the tortoise.

(It’s very confusing when Americans call tortoises, turtles)

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The SF writer Peter Watts, who was laid up in bed with a case of necrotizing fasciitis, repurposed some helium balloons that a well-wisher sent him so that he could keep track of his cats while lying flat on his back on his bed.

I’d link to his pictures, but they come at the end of a very long blog post that he wrote about his illness, most of which is taken up with detailed pictures of the gaping wound in his leg, exposed calf muscle and all. Those of you who aren’t eating breakfast can Google for it. The cats look very cute (also, somewhat pissed-off). The medical pictures … not so much.

As far as I understand it, the common US english uses ‘turtle’ for ones that swim, and ‘tortoise’ for ones that are strictly terrestrial. Though I’m pretty sure the Box Turtle is referred as both, depending on who you ask.

This appears to be a red-eared slider, a very common river/lake turtle in the southeastern US.


No Wii-U?

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that turtle needs a GoPro

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