Legless tortoise given prosthetic wheels


Are you a turtle?

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Just don’t give him to your toddler. Voom voom! Screech!

Can the turtle effectively bend down to eat or do they elevate greens and grubs?

I thought adding wheels was the standard practice for legless tortoises? My favourite was whoever glued a Lego brick to their tortoise, allowing them to add which ever Lego wheels they felt like.

Needs flames

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Does it come with a kick stand for when she needs to sleep?

Mr. T must be very happy.

There was a turtle that got such treatment as well. She was then nicknamed “Turbo” due to the resulting speed.

Yup. Pretty much every turtle or tortoise that had legs chewed off (in the cases I know of, usually by dogs) had them replaced with wheels/casters. We had one at our hospital named “scooter” (post-injury).

It’s a lot easier than fitting them with cyborg walker legs…

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Same thing, Leon!

You bet your sweet ass I am.

We have a winner! Thanks fellow turtle.

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