Tortoise in hot pursuit of toy truck




I’m surprised how fast that tortoise is going. Especially since it seems to have some traction issues.


Just wait until the batteries run out and he can catch up. That’s the stuff of fables.


this was my thought, too, along with “awww, poor guy - he’s gonna be so exhausted after running so hard!”


I’m disappointed they deleted the last part, where the tortoise catches and mounts the little truck.


More accurately: tortoise vs. floor wax.


I think it might be because he’s running on five legs.


It would beat a Rabbit though


Tortoises can go at quite a speed when they’re warm. This was either a pretty warm day, or they had their heating on, I guess.

I always feel a little bad for animals when they’re slipping on flooring like this in videos… I want them to have proper traction so they can run around the house at top speed!


So this must be what ol’ Zeno of Elea was talking about!


Not me. When I get out the laser pointer, it’s like an all-star hockey game around here!


Completely unfair race. I’d like to see this rerun on the lawn.


You mean the one about a turtle vs the Duracell Bunny?


If you want to piss off a philosophy teacher, say you don’t see any paradox there because it is a textbook example of converging infinite series you had in math class two weeks ago, and offer to also reformulate the problem for linear equations.


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