Star Wars Rebels: Season One



Is this a TV show?

Yes. It’s sort of a sequel to Clone Wars TV series.

My son’s favorite character is Hera. Mine is probably Kannan, precisely because he’s flawed, but trying really hard to teach Ezra the ways of the Jedi, as much as he’s able to.

At any rate, Rebels is better suited to the 5-7 crowd than Clone Wars was. Ezra makes all kinds of mistakes, which kids this age can easily relate to, especially in relation to rule breaking, intentional or accidental.


On the other hand, Commandant Aresko and Taskmaster Grint have shown a sharp drop-off in their number of mistakes. It’s like they’ve made a clean break with the past – they’re head and shoulders above the rest.

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I think my reaction to a laser slingshot might be too extreme.


We haven’t hit the season finale yet? Having ___ ____ appear seemed like a good way to wrap things up.

I wanted to remains as spoiler free as I could. It is a great finale.

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The first few episodes had me rolling my eyes a bit.

By the finale, I was telling all of my Star Wars loving friends that this was a must-watch.


And yet you spoiled the big thing at the finale in your post. Soooo glad I had already seen it. It was something I did not expect.

Animation and art style - kinda meh. The models are too soft, they look like unposeable vinyl figures. Really don’t like it.
Characters - enjoying the characters and the diversity.
Bad guys - so far so good.
Seeing Star Wars era ships and troopers - awesome.
Love all the nods to early sketches and designs from the original Trilogy. Zeb is based on an early Chewbacca. Those troop transports based on an old toy, I saw early IG-88 ideas as droids.
Putting a gun on a light saber - brilliant. If I was a Jedi I’d fight with a blaster and saber. Lock the saber, shoot the guy in the face. Maybe that makes me uncivilized.
Mandalorian armored character - It’s not Boba Fett, but I will take it.
Lando - LANDO!!! I do hope they maybe have some other minor characters show up, but I don’t want a “Young Indiana Jones” where ever week he meets some one famous.

For some reason though, my kid just doesn’t dig Star Wars. I can’t get her to watch the first episode even. I got her to watch some of the character introduction teasers and thought she would like Sabine, but so far it hasn’t happened. Maybe when she is older…

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What? Thats hardly a spoiler. The other guy is the spoiler.

I am really lucky that my daughter loves Star Wars. We have a lot of fun watching this together and talking about the characters.

I also should have mentioned Chopper, C1-10P! He’s the first droid with a personality you like since R2D2!

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Eh - I had no idea who would show up at the end. But ok, its been a couple weeks so… if you haven’t caught up it’s on you.

Yes, I had her watch the original films, but she doesn’t remember a lot of them. I have a huge Boba Fett collection and she can’t come to terms on whether Boba Fett is a good guy or a bad guy. I finally told her about the existence of the prequels, but I told her she has to watch the other movies again first.

One thing I wish they would explore more - non-Jedi/Sith force users. It sounds to me there are a lot of force sensitive and force users out there. But for something as large as a galaxy it is silly to think everyone is either a Jedi or Sith. I would imagine there were tons of smaller “schools” of thought on using the Force. Sort of like martial arts. You can choose from Kung-Fu, Akido, Karate, etc. The Empire wanted to crush the Jedi order which was the enforcement arm of the Old Republic. But I imagine lots of smaller entities out there. Especially when you look that the Empire used lots of Force sensitive people for special forces like the Royal Guards, etc.

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The whole “good guy” vs “bad guy” thing hurts my brain. I find it puzzling and a bit scary that so many people really seem to see people this way.

Well, she’s the big secret they hide for most of the season. I was predicting Fulcrum would be Leia, but Asokah is even better.

Chopper’s a psychotic little freak, but he’s a lot of fun to watch. Though sometimes I have to wonder why they keep the homicidal nutcase on the team.


She’s 8. Nuances aren’t their thing, yet.

Trying to help mine navigate mass media, to say that I didn’t appreciate the prevalence of indoctrinating kids to this in the first place would be an understatement.

Is/was the Inquisitor a Jedi? Or a Sith? Or just a Force sensitive badass who learned light-sabering?

They haven’t gone into his background yet.

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I love that within the first season, they figured out two extremely original twists on the lightsaber that didn’t feel silly or goofy. They both felt like the sort of thing that kids would see and say AWESOME!!

Clone Wars did a great job of this, I thought. Some of the best and most likeable characters were dark siders or non Republic folks. I thought it helped my seven year old understand that good and bad are points of view.

Also lots of non Jedi and Sith force users in CW.

Leia is 15. I was pretty sure we’d be seeing Ashoka again. Chopper is great. He is like finding a Baldwin you like and never knew of before, albeit a low rent one.